Internet of Things


IoT (Internet of Things): When machines meet business needs

In order to face the challenges of an ever-changing and competitive market, companies have to improve their operational processes and maximize their efficiency. To do so, they are digitalizing their operations with machines (sensor, meters, GPS, computers, etc.) in order to monitor their operations in real-time in what is being called the Industrial Internet.

Nevertheless, new challenges have arisen regarding the storage, processing  and analysis of all the unstructured and structured data that is now available to these organizations. Thanks to big data and the use of advanced analytic  techniques, or data science, enterprises are able to  gain new insights from their business process and to start taking advantage of all of this information to become data-driven organizations.

Among others, the Manufacturing, Utilities and Telecommunications industries now have the capacity to generate value from operational data for multiple purposes: cost reduction, operational efficiency, condition-based maintenance, demand prediction, etc.

At Synergic Partners, thanks to our multi-disciplined team of data scientists, we can effectively help our clients in analyzing these machine-generated data, transform their approach from reactive to  predictive and generate new revenue streams through data monetization.

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