Internet of Things

Operational Analytics

The increasing need for companies to go digital and move online to tackle a changing market and ever more demanding customers has led companies to populate their processes with numerous machines (sensors, meters, GPS devices, computers, etc.) and thereby gain an end-to-end vision of their business from a process perspective.

The inclusion of all these devices into company business is generating new challenges in terms of the storage, processing and analysis of all the data in multiple formats that organisations now have at their disposal. Thanks to Big Data and Advanced Analytics, companies can now have a unified vision of their processes for the first time, understanding how they work, their status and the environment.

IoT for a better knowledge of what surrounds your business

By defining an IoT strategy, companies – especially those in such sectors as Industry, Utilities and Telecommunications – are now able to generate value from operational data for numerous purposes: cost reduction, improved process efficiency, improved maintenance cycles, demand forecasting, tariff customisation, etc.


At Synergic Partners, thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of data architects, engineers and scientists, we are pioneers in the integration of IoT platforms for the subsequent development of analytical use cases for predictive maintenance or monitoring productive plants or chains for example.