Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Visualise to understand


Visualizers are the translators between technology and business

One of the greatest challenges posed by Big Data is knowing how to make decisions based on the results produced by the models and algorithms. The field of data visualization – intrinsic to almost every Big Data project – seeks to graphically and clearly display the results obtained from a project using dashboards; which includes different types of graphs, such as heat maps, maps with geolocation data or with movement flows. Its goal is to reflect all the variables considered for reaching the conclusions and thereby convert insight into action.

Data visualization tools allow any kind of information to be represented visually and in an easy-to-understand format. At Synergic Partners, we work with such tools as Tableau, CARTO, D3 leaflet and R packages, among many others, to graphically represent the projects we undertake.

The task of visualization consists of: 

– Conceptualization and design of the solution, taking into account the business needs and the target user

– Tesing the prototypes and proofs of concepts

– Programming and launching the applications

  • · Design of the structure of the application, both client and servier side
  • · Development of navigation cand graphics components
  • · Implementation of the necessary data collected for the graphic components
  • · Application of the styles determined in the design phase