Data Analytics


Regardless of your company’s size or the sector it operates in, data analytics will enable hidden relationships and behaviour patterns to be revealed that will help you make smart, data-based decisions.

The use of Big Data and advanced analytics has a direct impact on the profitability of your company through three fundamental areas.

Big Data Business Value

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 Generation of new revenue sources:

Data provides you with more in-depth knowledge of your customers and this, combined with the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, will make you able to customise your products or services so your company better meets the needs of consumers. Furthermore, improved knowledge of your customers will improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to boost cross-selling and up-selling ratios, thereby generating new revenue.

Application cases

  • · Identification of high-value customers
  • · 360º vision of the customer
  • · Behavioural segmentation
  • · Sales forecasting
  • · Dynamic pricing

Improved operational efficiency

Thanks to the correct storage and provision of data in real time, combined with such technologies as IoT, we are able to produce unified knowledge about processes, of a production chain or a machine. A comprehensive view of the productive environment will enable you to anticipate possible faults or anomalies, as well as improve the maintenance cycles, which leads to operational efficiency.

Application cases

  • · Offices datafication
  • · Predictive machine maintenance
  • · Reliability of installations and production chain processes
  • · Stock management in real time
  • · Optimisation of logistics transport routes

Fraud and risk prevention and prediction

Thanks to the ability to analyse not only a sample but the entire data set, we are more effective when identifying anomalies. Furthermore, the option to integrate new data sources that complement your company’s information and generate relationships you didn’t know existed, such as statistics from the National Statistics Institute, the Land Registry or social media networks, makes it possible to identify behaviour patterns and determine possible cases of fraud or irregular activity, thereby enabling you to offset future costs.

Application cases

  • · Customer churn prediction
  • · Detection of fraud and other anomalies
  • · Prevention of late payments or non-payments by customers
  • · Anti-corruption monitoring