Customer Insight


Customer Insight

Leading companies from all industry sectors want to know their customers better. They need to understand the multiple roles their clients adopt (domestic, business) and about their relationships (households, hierarchies) in order to reduce churn rates and retention costs, as well as to detect new business opportunities (cross-selling, up-selling). To face these challenges, a complete and better picture of the existing costumers is required. In addition, companies must be able to enrich the information stored in their own systems with additional data coming from external databases or social media. Discovering their customers’ behaviour and spending / consumption patterns is also a key focus of many industries. By knowing more about their customers’ companies can better target their marketing campaigns and develop more personalized products and services in order to predict what they want in the future.

All this must be undertaken bearing in mind higher pressure for cost reductions and more restricted privacy laws and regulations.

Combining best-of-breed technologies and high-value services, Synergic Partners offers the following Customer Insight solutions, forming a complete portfolio of customer insight solutions.


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