Big Data Strategy

Designing a Big Data strategy is key to ensuring success in the digital transformation you have to undertake as a company for adapting to new customer demands and requirements.

Being a Data-Driven company means putting data at the heart of the company’s strategy. This requires leadership, design of a horizontal strategy for the organisation and internal cultural change.

More important than knowing WHAT Big Data is, is knowing WHY we want Big Data” Carme Artigas, Co-Founder and CEO of Synergic Partners


From reactive to predictive companies

Our team of expert Big Data consultants will help you define the roadmap for your Big Data strategy based on an initial diagnosis that will consider the technological maturity of your company and the business-related aspects that need improvement. To properly understand the needs and goals of your company, a collaborative effort between the two teams will be absolutely essential.

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Where to start?

It’s entirely normal to not know where to start or not know which use cases to prioritise. That’s why we will help you discover the use cases that apply to your company via ‘Use Case Discovery’ projects and then prioritise them based on the business value they offer, the technical difficulty and the number of company areas that could benefit from each use case.

Services to complement your Big Data Strategy

To accompany the growth and digital transformation at your company, we offer the tools and technological capabilities necessary, as well as the design of a scalable architecture for building a Data Lake and the subsequent Advanced Analysis of data for extracting business conclusions that will help you make better decisions.

To complement a comprehensive Big Data strategy, we will need to create a corporate data governance programme aimed at establishing data processing policies, managers and data access policies, as well as provide internal training to the team on this Big Data paradigm shift. For this purpose, we have a training area – Academy – that helps both technical and business profiles to ensure this challenge becomes an opportunity for the company.