Data Governance


Governing your Data, Governing your Business

There is a silent problem in many organizations: The lack of governance over data.

There may be aspects of data that have been ignored. Some organizations, for example, ensure that their day-to-day transactional business data always meets quality standards, but fail to consider a governance approach for data that has been manipulated or aggregated for reporting purposes. This means that while the original data in the transactional systems is reliable, the data being used for reporting and analytics may suffer inaccuracies. Since many organizations use analytics to determine future strategies, inconsistencies from reported data can cause serious and unexpected complications.

The aim of Data Governance is to ensure that the data reconciles with the demands of the business, to reduce data management costs and to protect, manage and leverage data as a valuable corporate asset.

To achieve these objectives, a set of standards, processes and policies must be defined in order to rule the development and use of data at a corporate level.

Synergic Partners is the partner of choice to develop the right strategies and implement Data Governance programs to efficiently share and manage data throughout the enterprise.

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