Los Capstone Projects de Columbia University

The students of the Columbia University of New York present the Big Data Projects supervised by Synergic Partners
The students of the Columbia University of New York present the Big Data Projects supervised by Synergic Partners
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For the third consecutive year, Synergic Partners has supervised the Capstone Projects; the final project of the students of the Master in Data Science at the Columbia University of New York, which culminated with the presentation of the projects at the end of 2017.

The initiative consists in having different expert profiles of Big Data from Synergic Partners, guide the students of the New York University during the three months that the execution of their projects lasts and until the day of the defense of the project. The great advantage of this collaboration is the link that both institutions have forged so that an academic project becomes a project of real application in the business world.

In the initial phase, Synergic Partners proposes the use cases to be solved by the students, with a real business problem. To face the challenge, students have real code, in addition to the professional experience of their tutors in the development of Big Data projects, from different areas and sectors.


The groups of students have to prove their technical and analytical capacity to solve challenges that arise any day at a companies or institution, applying different tools and programming languages to collect, manage and analyze large volumes of data.

Santiago González, Director of Innovation at Synergic Partners and head of the group of tutors, highlights the strong binomial that students have between technical knowledge and their great capacity to understand the problem from a business point of view.

“The great business vision from which they develop and approach their technical projects, which creates new business opportunities through the Data Science field, makes students have a promising future.” Santiago González

Academic projects brought to the reality of a company

  • – `Recommendation Systems for Supermarket Customers´- the objective is to generate a recommendation engine for the customers of a supermarket, capable of suggesting products in which the user may be interested based on their purchasing habits and lifestyle.
  • – `Clustering Transportation Users in Madrid´- project to profile users of a transport network in Madrid, to optimize mobility routes based on user behavior and demand.
  • – `Soccer Player Performance´- consists of detecting the performance of soccer team players based on their positions, number of matches, age and different variables.
  • – `New Business Locations´- recommender to choose the best location for new businesses based on various data sources; such as the company’s internal data as well as external data sources.
  • – `House Selling´- recommender of zones to live or rent a house according to the profile of the user and the similarity between the dwellings.
  • – `
    Medical Chat Bot 1 & 2´- development of a chatbot for the health sector, which interacts with the user, able to diagnose the disease from the user’s symptoms, as well as to advise a treatment in cases where possible.
  • – `Crime Prediction in NYC´- the second phase of the challenge in which crime is predicted in New York is proposed, improving the prediction percentage of crime as well as the inlcusion of new variables.

Development of analytical talent

The continuous support that this program is receiving from Columbia University and Synergic Partners´ team is due to the great degree of acceptance shown by the students, edition after edition, who see a real value in the tangibility of the projects. Reason why we are working on the challenges to be raised in 2018´s edition.



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