DS Awards Spain 2018

Participants in the category of best Data Scientist face one of the four proposed challenges, in which the number of candidates who have opted to predict the state prior to Alzheimer’s with non-invasive techniques stands out.

The Data Science Awards Spain 2018, the first prizes of Spain that recognize the best initiatives in the field of Big Data, are becoming the reference awards in the world of Big Data and Data Science in Spain. The success of this year’s edition is due to the high number of participants that exceeds 60% compared to the previous edition, as well as for a social commitment to the use of data and a growing interest in data journalism, with a considerable increase in registrations that run for the prize of “Best journalistic work in Big Data”, having presented the main media of both press and television.

Likewise, the candidates interest to present projects with an impact on society and the use of data in order to improve the quality of life of people is highlighted, as shown by the statistics of the competition in which a great majority of the participants in the “Best Data Scientist” category, have opted to develop one of the four proposed challenges: predict the pre-Alzheimer’s state using non-invasive magnetoencephalography (MEG) techniques

For this challenge, the data were provided by the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Madrid, which includes information on brain activity collected by the MEG machine from more than a hundred anonymous patients and 25,755 variables that represent brain activity.  The objective, therefore, is to create an automatic learning model, capable of estimating whether a patient is in an early phase of Alzheimer’s disease (MCI) or not (Control).

To develop these projects, the contestants have the support of Google Cloud that makes available to the participants in the technical challenge the use of capacity credits in the cloud for the development of the challenges.

The contest has attracted people from over 40 provinces throughout Spain, highlighting Madrid, Barcelona, Vizcaya, Seville, Valencia, Granada, Pontevedra and the Balearic Islands. Of the total of the registered, 73% are men and 27% women and the majority profile is that of Data Scientist, with 59% of enrollees and that of Data Engineer and Data Architect.

The projects will be delivered in September and evaluated by a jury made up of experts from the Big Data world, and both the ruling and the delivery ceremony will take place in October at an event open to the public, which will also present the latest news from Big Data technologies and other exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, among others.

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