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Synergic Partners and Telefónica NEXT Sign Strategic Alliance to Drive Big Data in Germany
Synergic Partners and Telefónica NEXT Sign Strategic Alliance to Drive Big Data in Germany
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Synergic Partners adds to the German Telefónica affiliate their experience as the Spanish leader in the elaboration of Big Data strategies and advanced analytics services.

London, May 24th 2017.- Synergic Partners, the Spanish consulting firm specialized in advanced analytics and a part of the Telefonica Group, has reached an agreement with Telefónica NEXT (subsidiary of Telefonica Deutschland), as announced today at the Strata Data Conference in London. With this agreement, Telefónica NEXT will expand the solutions it offers (based on anonymous data from mobile networks and the IoT Greeny platform), complementing them with Synergic Partners´ experience in deploying predictive analytics projects and digital transformation strategies.

“With this cooperation, we are adding the consultancy area for the data identification, structuring and processing to our existing services offering”, stated Florian Marquart, Managing Director for Advanced Data Analytics at Telefónica NEXT. “With Synergic Partners, we can better support our clients in obtaining key information from data. Our TÜV-certified anonymization procedure is also of great importance, since it anonymizes the data in accordance with the German requirements for data protection, allowing the data to be used,” he adds.

New Office in Berlin

With the objective of getting closer to their clients, Synergic Partners has announced the opening of a new office in Berlin. “The Big Data market in Germany is still young. Many companies here have a great wealth of data available to them, but they are not conscious how it can bring value to their businesses. We have therefore decided to open our first German office in Berlin, the city that has become the talent and startups hub at an international level” stated Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners.

“Together with Telefónica NEXT, we intend to offer integral consulting and develop strategies in this area,” concluded Artigas.

Synergic Partners has over 100 data scientists developing projects in 14 countries and a large network of experts. In addition, they have agreements with other companies and with important technological and academic institutions, including the Columbia University of New York.

A High Potential Sector

According to a study conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the economic potential to use large quantities of data is far from being fully exploited, with companies currently realizing only around 30% of the benefits. Telefónica NEXT is already working in Big Data solutions for traffic planning and emissions reduction in cities and other areas.

“We have identified a clear need for strategies and solutions for large quantities of data in many industries, including the Retail sector and the consumer goods industry. We design usage concepts for large quantities of data available within companies, interpret them – also within the context of our own data – and translate them into solutions with added value,” said Jens Lappoehn, Managing Director for Smart Retail at Telefónica NEXT. Recently, Telefónica NEXT announced the acquisition of the company Minodes to complete its offer for Retail.

A Global Objective

The use of data for businesses and society is one of the overall goals of the Telefónica Group and is carried out in various countries using a range of products. Thus, Synergic Partners is part of the LUCA unit, created by the group in 2016 in Spain while in Germany, Telefónica NEXT develops offers specifically to meet the needs of the local market.

The cooperation now agreed upon with Synergic Partners promotes the synergies within the Telefónica Group and brings Telefónica NEXT to a new level of intelligent data analysis.

Synergic Partners is a management and technology consultancy firm committed to delivering solutions and services that enable companies leverage the Business Value of their enterprise Data. We help our clients to gain competitive advantages in areas such as Customer Insight, Fraud prevention, Risk and Compliance, Financial governance or Mergers and Acquisitions, among other business challenges.


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