Careers Path

Career Path

Careers Path

      At Synergic Partners, we believe in people and we value their talent, and that is why we offer opportunities to recent university graduates as well as student in order to help them begin their professional careers through our Talent Internship Program.
      In addition, junior and senior professionals who join our company receive initial and continued training according to their needs and professional careers.
      This training will be focused on different career models, which will allow for the development of the professional careers of consultants through different tracks.

      • Talent Internship Program

        This program is focused on people who want to put into practice what they have learned and are learning in their studies through training and experience in new technologies. With Synergic Partners, they will be able to embark on their careers with dynamic work while also acquiring knowledge, not only on a technological level, but of various sectors of business as well.

        We interested in people who are proactive, dynamic, innovative, committed, empathetic, analytical and visionary, with degrees in engineering and technology (Information Technology, Telecommunications, Industrial Engineering) or sciences (Mathematics, Physics, etc.), double degrees or Master’s degrees and who want to show their talent and develop themselves professionally working with highly experienced professionals and who, above all, are eager to learn and to take on new challenges.

        – Business Internships: These internships are designed to be combined with studies, whether it be through a part-time position throughout the school year or a full-time position in the summer.

        – Recent Graduates: These are for people looking to be incorporated full-time into the company primarily through the access promotions for recent university graduates in Barcelona and Madrid held annually as part ofthe Talent Internship Program.

        • Training Plans

          Professionals joining Synergic Partners receive both initial and continued training according to their needs and professional careers:

          – Introductory Training: Junior professionals who join the company receive a common initial training to get to know the basic tools for working with data projects, in order to later receive specified information more oriented towards the type of career and disciplines in which they will be working.

          – Specialized Training: All professionals who join this company receive continued specialized training in the various disciplines in which we work, as well as support in accessing training and official certificates.

          • Career Models

            Training will be focused on various career models which will allow for the development of each model, a profesional development combining various measures: competencies, technological knowledge, business knowledge/IT and/or specialization in áreas of strategic interest for Synergic Partners.

            – Business: Consultants who choose this track participate in the strategic implementation associated with the project. They are not defined so much by their technical knowledge as by the business solution that they could bring to the table, as well as their command of the conceptual discipline, as it is always important to be acquiring greater knowledge of the sector in which they are developing. Career development is determined by an increase in knowledge and incorporation of competencies.

            – Solutions: Consultants who choose this track are primarily defined by their technical knowledge in one or more disciplines, including tolos and technologies that allow for the implementation of that discipline: data quality, data integration, master data management (MDM), data governance, big data and data science. Career development is determined by an increase in knowledge and incorporation of the comeptencies.

            – Specialist: Consultants who choose this track are specialized mostly on a technical level, although there could also be some cases of functional specialization. Career development is determined by the market value of their specific knowledge.

            Within one project, there can ben consultants coming from different professional backgrounds, so a consultant has the opportunity to not only grow vertically, but also horizontally into another professional career.

          • Professional Development

            In addition, professionals in our company can seek further professional development in the following ways:

            – According to discipline:

            • Data Science
            • Big Data
            • Data Quality
            • Data Integration
            • Master Data Management (MDM)
            • Data Governance

            – According to sector:

            • Banking and Insurance
            • Distribution
            • Pharmaceuticals
            • Telecommunications

            – According to Business Solutions:

            • Customer Insight
            • Mergers and Acquisitions
            • Financial Governance
            • Risk and Compliance
            • Technology and Innovation


            In this way, regardless of the career model, they can acquire specializations in one or various disciplines, sectors or business solutions.