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Chief Data Officer: What can he do for your company?
  • Antonio Pita
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  • Big Data . CDO . Chief Data Officer . Data Science . datos . Estrategia . Nuevos roles . Transformación digital .

Data economy, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things are some of the topics that are increasingly featured on the steering committee. But not only these words appears in the top management, but also new figures. This is the case of the Chief Data Officer, a newly created profile in many companies. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the data of a company at the highest level, both from a technological and business point of view, including security. It is who helps managing the data as a corporate asset; among its functions include the strategy for data exploitation and data governance; that is, defining security policies in the management and storage of data, privacy policies,…

Repsol, Bankia and Merck: the use of Big Data is an unstoppable reality
  • Victoria Elosua
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  • Bankia . Big Data . El País Retina . Estrategia . Merck . Nuevas tecnologías . Organización Data Driven . Repsol . Retos . STEM . Talento . Transformación digital . WiDS . WiDS Madrid . Women in Data Science .

Education, integration of new technologies and attraction of talent are some of the keys and challenges highlighted by women directives of Repsol, Bankia and Merck to adapt their organizations to the digital transformation. Belén Ruiz, Project Manager Data Management & Analytics at Repsol; Diana Díaz, Director of Analytical Systems and Big Data at Bankia; and Paz Alvarado, Director of Digital Development and Innovation at Grupo Merck, were in charge of materializing the Big Data maturity point were companies are in diverse sectors such as industry, banking and pharmaceuticals. During the debate, in addition to sharing their personal experience, three main topics were discussed: the importance of data in business and the use of new technologies, how the business strategy adapts…

“The World is Mobile”; 4th Edition of the Mobile Technology Conference Move Uruguay
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Carme Artigas . Conferencia . Dirupción Tecnológica . Evento . Move . Move Uruguay . Móvil . Movistar Uruguay . Tecnología Móvil . Transformación digital . Ventajas Big Data .

The Move Conference, which brings together all the professionals in the mobile industry featured prominent international speakers such as Carme Artigas, who spoke about the disruption of Big Data in this new digital era. Last Friday, 16th of March under the slogan “The World is Mobile” the 4th edition of Move took place; the forum for innovation and new trends in mobile technology organized by Movistar Uruguay with the aim of illustrating all the benefits and possibilities that the mobile world offers. More than 600 people attended and thousands connected in streaming to enjoy the talks of international and national speakers, such as Santiago Bilinkis (Argentina), entrepreneur and technologist who spoke about the future of work; Gabriel Colla (Uruguay), founder…

The trend of Big Data: How does it affect the Telecommunications sector?
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Big Data . innovación . Sector Telco . Telecomunicaciones . Transformación digital .

Although for the general public Big Data is still a new concept, in the business world Big Data has long ceased to be a novelty. In fact, many companies have already started to collect the first results derived from the decision-making based purely on data. As in any other technological disruption, there are certain sectors that are always within the "early adopters" such as banking and telecommunications. This is due to the fact that they are sectors with great competition, in which no actor can afford to be outdated and with a large financial muscle, which allows them to invest heavily in technology. In the case of Big Data, in addition to these same reasons, the banking and telecommunications sector…

‘Women in Data Science’ gathers in Madrid the Women Protagonists of the Digital Transformation in Spain
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Carme Artigas . Data Science . Eventos . Madrid . Stanford University . Synergic Partners . Transformación digital . WiDS . WiDS Datathon . Women in Data Science .

More than 250 people attended the event, in which directors from Google, Telefónica Alpha, Merck, Monsanto, Bankia or Repsol discussed the latest applications and innovations of Big Data The WiDS Conference (Women in Data Science) of Stanford University arrived in the Spanish capital on March 5th, bringing together in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica outstanding women from the technological, business, and academic fields to discuss about digital transformation and the latest innovations and applications in Big Data that are being carried out in Spain.  The day kicked off with the welcome of Carme Artigas, WiDS Ambassador of Madrid and Co-Founder and CEO of Synergic Partners, who highlighted the need to work with a new roadmap that helps to achieve a real impact of…

Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Carlos Lorenzo
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  • Big Data . Digitalización . Eficiencia operativa . Fabricación Aditiva . Industria 4.0 . Inteligencia Artificial . IoT . Realidad Aumentada . Revolución Industrial . Transformación digital .

The customization of mass production is the catalyst for change that, among other things, originates industry 4.0 Lot has passed since the steam engine changed the course of our civilization history with the mechanization of production in the First Industrial Revolution. Scientific advances at the end of the 19th century allowed the Second Industrial Revolution with the discovery of electricity that would be the basis for mass production, followed by a Third Industrial Revolution in the 20th century thanks to the power of information technology and electronics in the automation of production processes. Today, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is brewing, product of the merge of a series of exponential technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things…

From Sensorization to Industry 4.0
  • Maria Muñoz
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  • Advanced Analytics . Analítica Avanzada . Big Data . Industria 4.0 . IoT . Sector Industrial . Sensorización . Transformación digital .

The industrial sector is currently immersed in a process of change that makes evident the need to evolve its business model towards a less traditional business model. In recent years, digital technologies have appeared that can help the industry adapt to market demands. The incorporation of these technologies in industrial processes becomes key to remain relevant within the sector. Thanks to the integration of these technologies, focused on IoT and the analysis and collection of information on the own instrumentation of the machines, the industrial sector will be enriched with the appearance of a huge amount of information not contemplated nor analyzed to date. This analysis will significantly increase the knowledge that companies have on their own processes and their environment,…

Lawyer, you’re late for Big Data
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Abogacía . Abogado . Big Data . Data Science . Sector Jurídico . Transformación digital .

A law firm, it's a company. This statement, which seems obvious, is not really true as many law firms and individual lawyers are reluctant to understand their firms as companies and consequently, do not apply the business trends that are applied in the other sectors. A very clear example is the use of social networks. In this sense, we can observe that while in most sectors of activity the use of social networks is widespread, in the legal sector this is not the case and even more, there are those who still discuss the convenience, necessity or benefits of a lawyer being present in the virtual environment. In case it sounds exaggerated, here is a significant fact. A ranking of…

Where is the V in Big Data? Understanding what Big Data is
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Disrupción Tecnológica . Estrategia Empresarial . Estrategias Big Data . negocio . Transformación digital . Transformación Tecnológica . Valor Big Data .

The 5V's behind Big Data The question you have been wondering for some time, which you have not dared to ask… That is what this article is about. If you still have doubts about what Big Data is and its transforming impact, this is for you. The scope Big Data will have in our lives is still uncertain, but what we can verify is an obvious fact: the economy will revolve around data, so it is time to understand what Big Data is once and for all. Big Data is the ability to process and analyze a huge amount of data at very low cost, and extract information and new patterns of behaviour that were previously impossible to extract due…

Big Data in the luxury sector: The new pearl
  • Paula Alamán
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  • Big Data . Experiencia de Cliente . experiencias exclusivas . innovación . lujo . personalización . Sector Lujo . servicios inteligentes . Transformación digital .

The luxury sector has always been one of the main drivers of innovation because of its natural conception and its innate offer of exclusive products, however, when we speak about adoption of new technologies there are other sectors leading the initiatives in digital transformation. In a changing environment in which technology is favouring the generation of new business models, changing how products and services are consumed, how the user interacts with the brand and even the impacts that affect purchase decisions, luxury must position itself to continue leading in terms of innovation as it has done so far. But not only the environment evolves, also the client of the luxury sector is changing and diversifying. The brands of the sector…

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