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Elite athletes explain the advantages offered by the application of new technologies in their day to day
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Carme Artigas participates in the first Technology and Sports forum organized by Telefonica with Spanish sports stars such as Rafa Nadal, Regino Hernández or Alejandro Valverde among others. Lastacompañada 4th of May, Telefónica held the first Technology and Sports Forum, a meeting that demonstrated how connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data help elite athletes in their competitions and trainings but also improves the experience of thousands of spectators who attend these great events. Carme Artigas participated in the forum along with José Mª Álvarez -Pallete, President of Telefónica, who started the forum highlighting the company's commitment to sports, the CEO of the Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Ángel Gil, who shared the communication infrastructures, security and audiovisual production of the…

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The 15th Annual Perú Marketing Conference, organized by ANDA and Seminarium Perú, will be held June 23-24 at the Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center in Lima. Carme Artigas, CEO and founder of Synergic Partners, will give a conference on June 23 at 5:40 pm on How Big Data Will Forever Change Marketing. This year, CAMP Perú will address some of the topics discussed last year; big data, mobile and programmatic are some of the key words that are still resounding throughout 2016. Throughout the two days, the latest trends and experiences in digital marketing will also be presented with the help of internationally recognized experts, who will offer their vision of the future in order to understand the dynamics…

Synergic Partners and CEOE to Organize a Conference on the Business Value of Data in the Financial and Industrial Sector
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On Thursday, May 5, the conference Big Data: The Monetization of Data in the Digital Transformation Era will be held, organized by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and Synergic Partners. Julio Linares, President of the Digital Society Commission of CEOE and the Vice-President of Telefonica, will inaugurate the event, giving his vision on the importance of advancing the development of strategies based on Big Data. In her speech, Carme Artigas, CEO and co-founder of Synergic Partners, will share her vision of the economic value of data in the digital transformation of companies. This will be followed by a round table discussion with leaders from the financial, service and industrial sectors in which real cases and business strategies with…

Synergic Partners to Attend the “European Ecommerce Conference”
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The European Ecommerce Conference returns to the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao November 18 and 19, where more than one hundred internationally prestigious presenters, disruptive companies and innovators will share their ideas on the new digital age. Among those one hundred prestigious speakers will be Carme Artigas, founding partner at Synergic Partners. Carme will participate in a round-table discussion entitled “Technology at the Service of Women,” which will discuss and analyze topics such as empowerment, TICs and leadership from various perspectives and points of view. Carme Artigas will then give a speech entitled “How Big Data Will Forever Transform E-Commerce”. During the presentation, she will explore how big data and advanced predictive analytical techniques (data science) are changing forever the face…

The need for agile analytics methodologies in Big Data
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There is a strong need today to tackle projects that allow companies to change their strategies more quickly in order to anticipate the market and the competition. With new technologies, companies have found themselves thrown into situations in which they have to act quickly in order to set themselves apart from their competitors and to offer new services and products adapted to the tastes and demands of potential clients, meaning they need to have a deep understanding of what those clients are looking for. Some of the questions that company directors are now asking themselves include what type of products and services their clients would like, what opinion they have of the company, whether their clients are satisfied or whether…

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5. New Technology In a nutshell, most important big data technologies fit one of the following categories: New requirements: No SQL Traditional database management systems are very efficient at storing and finding tabular data and also at doing some basic operations such as aggregating and linking. At least three different causes motivate the need for new paradigms. -       Scalability: The need to distribute the database over many nodes imposes the application of the “CAP theorem" This limitation creates three different classes of databases depending on which of the three restrictions is relaxed. -       Analytics: For machine learning algorithms, we do not need to find part of the data quickly. Instead, we have to pass all the data to some algorithm. Furthermore, this…

Synergic Partners, silver sponsor of Oracle Dat Barcelona
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Oracle, specialists in hardware and software systems, will be holding “Oracle Day” this upcoming February 18 at Camp Nou in order to celebrate the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary in Barcelona. Synergic Partners will be present at the event as a consultant specializing in data management, governance and analysis, as well as offering expertise in big data and data analytics. The event, which will take place form 8.30 am to 2:00 pm, will focus on creating debate on the changes in the convergence of technologies such as information technology on the cloud, mobile devices, social networks, big data and the Internet of Things and the effects they are having on business models. Technology is transforming the world, driving innovation and revolutionizing business…

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