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Synergic Partners to Hold Workshop at the CEOE on “Big Data and Marketing: New Business Opportunities”
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The phenomenon of big data is revolutionizing business models for various sectors while at the same time radically changing the process of decision-making. Big data now not only influences company technology directors, but marketing directors must also be able to understand and work with big data, which offers a new world of opportunities, allowing them to better understand their target, measure their actions, optimize marketing campaigns and even analyze customer experience in real time. In order to explain this shift in paradigm, Synergic Partners is holding a workshop on October 8 with the goal of demonstrating the changes being generated by big data in the marketing sector by defining business and decision-making strategies as well as the new business opportunities…


The Big Data Center for Excellence (CoE) is an initiative whose goal is to construct, evolve, unite and offer various big data tools and infrastructures to companies and to allow them to define, try out and validate big data models before carrying out their final implementation. One of its main objectives is to regularly hold activities to circulate big data trends, benefits and good practices in order to move these technologies closer to various sectors. Synergic Partners, as a member of the CoE, will participate in a workshop on tourism on 6th October, giving a presentation entitled “Big Data as a Transformative Factor in the Tourism Sector”. Carme Artigas, founding partner of the company, will offer a strategic vision of…

Synergic Partners to hold Big Data and Marketing Workshop
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Big Data is transforming not only business models but also the way in which we make business-related decisions. Marketing directors now have a new world of opportunities at their fingertips thanks to Big Data, which allows them to measure the success of their actions more accurately, introduce new customer segmentations based on behavior, optimize marketing campaigns and better analyze customer experience. In order to address this shift in paradigm, Synergic Partners will hold a workshop with the objective of explaining how Big Data is transforming the marketing sector as well as discussing some of the new business opportunities that it is generating. Carme Artigas, founding partner at Synergic Partners, will lead the session, introducing big data on a strategic level,…

Synergic Partners will actively take part to the Data Science in aviation workshop
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How is Data Science being used to bring business value to companies and how could this model be transferred with the help of real cases to the aviation industry, are the two main topics that will be discussed during the first Workshop focused on Data Science applied to the aviation industry that will take part on 15 October in Madrid. Synergic Partners will actively take part to the event with the participation of Carme Artigas, the consultancy firm’s co-founder and partner, who will hold a presentation entitled “Data Science in Action. An Industry Perspective”, in which she will analyze the current maturity level of Data Science and Big Data, and will also talk about Synergic Partners’ experience regarding Data Science…

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