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Big Data Innovation Day, October 31st
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LUCA, the data unit of the Telefónica Group, which Synergic Partners also belongs to, celebrates its first anniversary and proud of a short but also intense journey, they want to concentrate their innovative products and solutions in the event Big Data Innovation Day 2017, explained through success cases and demos. With exceptional speakers such as Chema Alonso, CDO of the Telefónica Group, Elena Gil, CEO of LUCA and Carme Artigas, CEO and co-founder of Synergic Partners, you can not miss this day, where it will be showed how Big Data accompanies companies in their journey to innovation. Chema Alonso invites you personally to attend this event. Watch the video: You can check the agenda below. If you are interested in…

Synergic Partners participates in HR Innovation Summit 2017 event
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Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners participated in HR Innovation Summit, an event that combined the latest trends in the field of HR. On September 21, the HR Innovation Summit was held at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid; the First Congress of Human Resources on Trends, Innovation and Talent Management in the Digital Age. Carla Martínez, Director of the Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners participated in the roundtable ´How to get the most out of Data Analytics?´, moderated by Jesús Martínez, CEO of Eventelling, besides to Joan Clotet, Talent Innovation Manager of Ferrovial, María Manso, Responsible of HR Analytics in BBVA and Francesca Gabetti, CEO and Founder of TeamEQ. In the session, different topics…

Predicting crime: fact or fiction?
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According to the OMS, one of the main worries of global society today is violence and crime, making avoiding crime and creating centers of intelligence to do so the main objective for police and judicial systems. In this sense, as director of innovation and influenced by science fiction, I set out to analyze this situation. Using the traditional scientific method, the first step was to ask questions and hypothesize: Is it possible to predict the place, date and time of a crime? And if so, to what extent, in what kind of detail? Do we have experience with this? Who can offer us information? Has anyone done this before and, if so, what were the results? Thanks to our previous…

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On June 8, Carla Martínez represented Synergic Partners in the Automobile Session of SIL 2016, organized by ANFAC, offering her strategic vision on the use of big data in logistics for the automotive sector. Alongside Oracle, DSV and Sigfox, they offered information on and debated the importance of new technologies for logistics and competitive development. Elements such as big data, optimization in the stock industry, products, distribution from a digital point of view and the improvement of processes through digital consulting were the main points of the session, among others. Also participating were Antonio Lorenzo, journalist at El Economista, Arcadio Martínez, Market Intelligence Manager at DSV, Joan Carles Agusti i Mas, Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, Rebecca Crowey, Sales Director…

Synergic Partners and CEOE to Organize a Conference on the Business Value of Data in the Financial and Industrial Sector
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On Thursday, May 5, the conference Big Data: The Monetization of Data in the Digital Transformation Era will be held, organized by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and Synergic Partners. Julio Linares, President of the Digital Society Commission of CEOE and the Vice-President of Telefonica, will inaugurate the event, giving his vision on the importance of advancing the development of strategies based on Big Data. In her speech, Carme Artigas, CEO and co-founder of Synergic Partners, will share her vision of the economic value of data in the digital transformation of companies. This will be followed by a round table discussion with leaders from the financial, service and industrial sectors in which real cases and business strategies with…

Terrassa City council selects Synergic Partners to participate in the first meeting of Innpulso Network entrepreneurs
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The Innpulso Network of Spanish cities will hold the First Meeting of Innpulso Network Entrepreneurs on October 1 at the Factoría Cultural Matadero in Madrid. The science and innovation network for cities—Innpulso Network—began in 2011 with a total of 30 city halls that were already making an effort to capitalize on innovative, scientific, technological and social knowledge and infrastructures in order to move towards a sustainable economic model, on both an economic level and a social one. This first meeting, organized by the City Hall of Madrid with Innpulso Network, will bring together all of the mayors belonging to the network with the most innovative small- to mid-sized business from each city, which have been previously selected. Synergic Partners, a…

Synergic Partners, silver sponsor of Oracle Dat Barcelona
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Oracle, specialists in hardware and software systems, will be holding “Oracle Day” this upcoming February 18 at Camp Nou in order to celebrate the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary in Barcelona. Synergic Partners will be present at the event as a consultant specializing in data management, governance and analysis, as well as offering expertise in big data and data analytics. The event, which will take place form 8.30 am to 2:00 pm, will focus on creating debate on the changes in the convergence of technologies such as information technology on the cloud, mobile devices, social networks, big data and the Internet of Things and the effects they are having on business models. Technology is transforming the world, driving innovation and revolutionizing business…

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