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People Analytics Fundamentals
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Registration for the People Analytics course given by Synergic Partners with RRHH Digital on November 14th is now open.   "Managing talent through data to make the most effective decisions". In recent years, data management has broken into all sectors, including the people and talent management sector, emerging new profiles such as People Analytics. Therefore it is a success factor within the HR area of any type of organization, to seek for the development of new skills, abilities and knowledge of these profiles to adapt to the change. For this reason, RRHH Digital and Synergic Partners are launching the 'People Analytics Fundamentals' course on November, 14th in Madrid to train HR professionals and transmit the knowledge that will help transform…

With the aim of promoting the analytical talent of Spain, Synergic Partners and Telefónica organize the third edition of the Data Science Awards Spain
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· Candidates can register in three categories: Best Data Scientist in Spain, Best Business Initiative in Big Data and Best Journalistic Data Work. · Participants in the category of Best Data Analyst will face challenges such as an Alzheimer's prediction or an image recognition to 'find Wally'. The third call of the Data Science Awards Spain 2018 has been opened, the contest which aims to recognize Big Data professionals and the best business and data journalism initiatives in this field, thus promoting the analytical talent in Spain. In the current contest, there are three categories to register to: best Data Scientist, best Big Data Business Initiative and best Journalistic Data Work, with open registration from today until the 15th of…

Synergic Partners, the only Company Associated with Columbia University
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For the fourth consecutive year, the company assisted to the annual symposium of the Data Science Institute (DSI), the first institution in the world of its kind. Synergic Partners, Spanish consulting firm specializing in advanced data analysis, is the only company outside of North America to have a partnership agreement with Columbia University in New York. Among several great American corporations, Synergic Partners is the only European industry affiliate of the Data Science Institute (DSI), the first institution in the world on the subject. The main objectives of the DSI, the leading educational institution on Big Data and Data Science, are to be a driving force in Data Science and to attract the best possible interdisciplinary professors at Columbia University,…

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Synergic Partners will hold the 5th edition of Big Data Week in Spain, specifically as a City Partner in both Madrid and Barcelona. The event will take place the week of October 24-30, simultaneously with other cities including London, Chicago, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Big Data Week is a global platform for the most unique and important events for interconnected communities whose objective is to reveal and promote Big Data and new mass data analysis techniques as well as the study of its impact on social, political, commercial and technological levels. The initiative was started in 2011 by Stewart Townsend and, ever since then, for one week experts from various fields come together and cover the main sectors of…

(Español) Data Science Spain (DSS) Meetup: La visión de datos desde la Universidad de Columbia en NY
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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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On June 8, Carla Martínez represented Synergic Partners in the Automobile Session of SIL 2016, organized by ANFAC, offering her strategic vision on the use of big data in logistics for the automotive sector. Alongside Oracle, DSV and Sigfox, they offered information on and debated the importance of new technologies for logistics and competitive development. Elements such as big data, optimization in the stock industry, products, distribution from a digital point of view and the improvement of processes through digital consulting were the main points of the session, among others. Also participating were Antonio Lorenzo, journalist at El Economista, Arcadio Martínez, Market Intelligence Manager at DSV, Joan Carles Agusti i Mas, Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, Rebecca Crowey, Sales Director…

Synergic Partners to be City Partner during Big Data Week in Madrid and Barcelona
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Synergic Partners will lead and organize the fourth edition of Big Data Week in Spain, specifically as City Partner in Madrid and Barcelona. The event will be held November 23-28, together with similar events in over fifty other cities around the world. Big Data Week is one of the most important global platforms in the world for interconnected communities, and its main objective is to spread and promote big data and new massive data analysis techniques as well as to study their political, social, commercial and technological impact. The initiative was started in 2011 by Stewart Townsed, and, for one week every year, it brings together experts from various professions and includes all of the major industry sectors: communications media,…


Synergic Partners, a leading European data science consultancy firm, today announced it has appointed O’Reilly Media Research Director Roger Magoulas to role of Technology Board Advisor. The appointment followsSynergic Partners recognition by 451 Research as a “Big Data Pioneer,” and an academic partnership with the Columbia University Data Science Institute in NYC. The strategic appointment strengthens Synergic’s international scope of the data knowledge ecosystem as well as acts as thought-leader alliance to Synergic counsel. “Roger Magoulas is considered to be one of the world leading experts in the field of data and analytics, and was early to talk about, and document, the concept of ‘big data,’ “ said Carme Artigas, Partner and Co-Founder of Synergic Partners. “With his experience and innovative…

The Community Data Science Spain to hold its ninth meeting
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Data Science Spain, the first community of data scientists in Spain, has now reached over 700 hundred members. The group will hold its ninth meeting this July, with the objective of discussing Big Data and Data Science from new perspectives, as well as introducing new trends and technical and strategical reports. Three talks will be given at the meeting, but such experts from the sector as Santiago Basaldúa, representative from BBVA Data Analytics, Lorenzo Sánchez, representing Synergic Partners, and, final, Miquel Nieto, from Carto DB. The topics to be addressed include: financial APIs, advanced data visualization and a technical vision of big data. The meeting will be held at MediaLab Prado in Madrid on July 1 from 18.45h to 20.45h.…

EUNCET University held the first act of the Business Advisory Council, with Synergic Partners taking part
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On March 4, the Euncet Business School held the first act of the Advisory Council of Businesses and Professionals, of which Synergic Partners is a member. The president of the university, Mr. Eusebi Cima, presided over the act, which had the participation of representatives from 42 companies from various sectors debating on the relationship between universities and businesses in the twenty-first century. The Advisory Council was created to be an instrument that will promote an open dialogue on the topics that most concern businesses and the economic sector, in order to be able to prompt joint actions and to benefit the fields of research, development and innovation, as well as to provide continuous adjustment to ensure the adequacy of university…

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