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Big Data Cities. Data visualization systems as a framework to understand how cities behave
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We are currently immersed in environmentally global experiments that are incapable of being reduced to the unity and control of the laboratory and, therefore, the dynamism, scale and complexity of the problems to be resolved force us to come up with a scientific system based on unpredictability and incomplete control. In the face of this scenario, analysis instruments require new dynamic visualization environments that simulate the complexity of urban ecosystems. We understand these simulation systems to be prototypical environments in which we can explore new dimensions of design in the modelling of smart cities, allowing us to generate new models of sustainable cities. Contrary to the term “model” as it is understood in the fields of architecture, urbanism and engineering…

Synergic Partners, Co-Organizer of the First Datathon in Sant Cugat
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The Sant Cugat City Hall will hold its first Datathon April 24-25. The initiative was created with the goal of making open data available to citizens for the development of an application that would offer people some kind of service. A panel made up of technicians and professionals from the big data sector will evaluate the proposals and decide on a winner. The top three participants will receive a metallic and/or material prize, and the other participants will receive a certificate verifying their participation in the event and will be entered to win various prizes. The event will be held at the Parc Empresarial Sant Cugat (Av. De les Corts Catalanes, 5 – 7 (Trade Center). Synergic Partners will participate…

Synergic Partners to have an active role in the second edition of the day on Open Government in Terrassa
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On October 16, the second edition of the Day on Open Government will be held at the Vapor Universitari in Terrassa. After a first edition focused on transparency, open data in public administration, and the exchange of real experiences in the sector, this second edition will focus on participation, directed from the administrations towards the citizens, to allow for and to incentivize collaboration between the two in the elaboration of politics and the making of public decisions. In addition, Big Data and its role in the public sector will be discussed; above all, as a tool for improving decision-making, as well as its role in the movement towards new, intelligent cities. Synergic Partners, as a consulting firm specializing in Big…

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