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Data Science as a service in Cloud
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  • Amazon Web Services . AWS . Cloud Services . Data Science . Data Science Spain . datos . Fundación Telefónica . GCP . Google Cloud Platform . IoT . IoT Analytics Spain . meetup . Microsoft Azure . Servicios Nube . tecnología .

Data, technology and services in the cloud. We gather specialists in cloud services who will talk about the latest developments and new solutions focused on 'data science' in our next meetup. Next Wednesday July 11th, we will hold a meetup organized by the Data Science Spain and IoT Analytics Spain communities, where the main topics will be Data science Technologies and Services in the cloud. What are the latest developments and new solutions from the point of view of data science offered by companies specializing in cloud services? In this meeting, held in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica, we will count with the participation of representatives from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, who will explain what advantages…

Big Data stars in the Mobile World Congress 2018
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  • Barcelona . Big Data . Big Data & Business . IoT . Mobile World Congress .

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, gave a talk to Congressmen and officials from Brazil about the benefits of Big Data for the Public sector. The Mobile World Congress, held from February 26th to March 1st, 2018 in Barcelona, is the world's largest mobile event and the most important technology fair in Spain, presented as a concatenation of open conferences led by directors and influencers of the sector. In this way, the presence of technological and digital companies in this international event is so important at business level. In this edition, the technologies related to Big Data have been the protagonists of the event as more applied realities and practices were presented compared…

Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Carlos Lorenzo
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  • Big Data . Digitalización . Eficiencia operativa . Fabricación Aditiva . Industria 4.0 . Inteligencia Artificial . IoT . Realidad Aumentada . Revolución Industrial . Transformación digital .

The customization of mass production is the catalyst for change that, among other things, originates industry 4.0 Lot has passed since the steam engine changed the course of our civilization history with the mechanization of production in the First Industrial Revolution. Scientific advances at the end of the 19th century allowed the Second Industrial Revolution with the discovery of electricity that would be the basis for mass production, followed by a Third Industrial Revolution in the 20th century thanks to the power of information technology and electronics in the automation of production processes. Today, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is brewing, product of the merge of a series of exponential technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things…

From Sensorization to Industry 4.0
  • Maria Muñoz
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  • Advanced Analytics . Analítica Avanzada . Big Data . Industria 4.0 . IoT . Sector Industrial . Sensorización . Transformación digital .

The industrial sector is currently immersed in a process of change that makes evident the need to evolve its business model towards a less traditional business model. In recent years, digital technologies have appeared that can help the industry adapt to market demands. The incorporation of these technologies in industrial processes becomes key to remain relevant within the sector. Thanks to the integration of these technologies, focused on IoT and the analysis and collection of information on the own instrumentation of the machines, the industrial sector will be enriched with the appearance of a huge amount of information not contemplated nor analyzed to date. This analysis will significantly increase the knowledge that companies have on their own processes and their environment,…

Synergic Partners opens the 1st ed. of the Strata Data Conference in Singapore
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  • ACoE . Analítica de Datos . Big Data . Carme Artigas . Data Science . Intelligent Societies . IoT . O´Reilly . Singapur . Smart Cities . Sociedades Inteligentes . Strata Data . Strata Data Conference . tecnología .

Carme Artigas opened Strata Data Singapore,  where she participated in three presentations in which she talked about how technologies will move us from Smart Cities to Intelligent Societies; Data Analytics as the center of the IoT ecosystem and the importance of CoE to accelerate the processes of Big Data adoption in companies Last week, from the 4th to the 7th December, the first edition of Strata Data Conference Singapore took place, the event that brings together the best Data Scientists, analysts, executives and leading companies from around the world in its different editions, with the aim of sharing the latest trends and the most innovative solutions for companies around Big Data and Data Science. Carme Artigas, who has also participated…

Internet of Things: In my fridge?
  • Pedro de Gregorio
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  • Big Data . Data . Data Analytcics . internet of things . IoT .

The Internet of Things is a concept that is often tied to a vision of the future, mid- and long-term horizons, reflections on what can be achieved and an infinity of possibilities that can open up in a moment that never quite seems to arrive. There are many high expectations attached to this concept, leading, inevitably, to skepticism on the part of those who do not see the returns that they had in mind or, worse yet, of those who were never excited about it and gave up with a simple “Why would I want the internet in my fridge?”. When a concept or a paradigm such as the Internet of Things appears on the scene, it is difficult to…

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  • Análisis de Datos . Big Data . Big Data Analytics . Geolocalización . IoT . Nueva York . Predicción de crímenes . Synergic Partners .

The Spanish firm Synergic Partners works with the New York City Hall to understand where, when and what types of crimes are happening in the city in an attempt to prevent them Can you imagine the police being able to know when and where a given crime is going to be committed, hours before it happens? Can technology and data analysis end crime in our cities? If you answered no, it may be because you are not familiar with what Big Data is capable of today. New York City is currently at the forefront with a new trend: applying analytical models capable of predicting where and what time of day a given type of crime will occur. To do so,…

Sierra Nevada, the pioneer ski station in Spain thanks to the Big Data Project of Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Big Data Analytics . Customer Experience . Estación de Esquí . IoT . Proyectos Big Data . Sierra Nevada . Ski Resorts .

Synergic Partners, part of the Telefonica group, has presented an analytical study within the framework of the FreestyleSki and Snowboard World Championship at Sierra Nevada that demonstrates the potential of Big Data has to improve the experience of skiers. The study has allowed for the characterization of the skiers into groups based on their experience level and can identify use patterns of the different lifts at the ski station. It also offers a deeper profile of the users and the use of the slopes of Sierra Nevada with the objective of making personalized suggestions that are adjusted to the needs of each skier.   Synergic Partners, part of the Telefonica Group, has presented an analytical study, within the framework of…

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  • Big Data . Big Data Consulting . Big Data. Company . Business . Data Analytics . Data Science . Events . IoT . Spain . Synergic Parnters . Telefónica . Value of Data .

We have the honor of presenting the Data Science Awards Spain 2016, the first initiative in Spain to recognize analytical talent and to highlight the work of data science professionals. The event aims to guarantee the growth of this discipline and to motivate younger generations to demonstrate their talent. The initiative, led by Synergic Partners and with support from Telefónica, hopes to become an event of reference within the scientific community and society. There will be three categories of awards presented: Best Data Scientist in Spain, Best Data Journalism Story in Spain and Best Big Data Business Initiative in Spain, covering the main categories leading the implementation of data-based strategies and culture in society. The awards will be presented to…

Synergic Partners takes part at #RETINA 2016, held by El País
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  • Carme Artigas . digital transformation . innovación . Inteligencia Artificial . internet of things . IoT . Machine Learning .

Digitalization is changing the business model RETINA, an event organized by El País, will be held May 10 and 11 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Campo de las Naciones in Madrid. RETINA is an essential event for those professionals called to lead the digital transformations of their organizations. It is a forum at which entrepreneurs, business directors, investors and public managers can share experiences and business opportunities related to new technologies and the new digital environment. On Tuesday, May 10, Carme Artigas, CEO and co-founder of Synergic Partners, will give a speech focused on Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. There will be a content room in the innovation area – an agenda focused on entrepreneurship and the Internet of…

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