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TOP 5: The 5 most read posts of Synergic Partners
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Today we have an important announcement to give you, as you know Synergic Partners has been integrated in LUCA, the data unit of Telefónica, and in order to continue offering the best content we have decided to add both blogs and continue our publications in the LUCA blog, this being our last post. We want to make a final publication remembering the 5 most read posts of Synergic but we would also like to thank you for the interest you have always shown in these topics that we are so passionate about. (And many thanks also to our collaborators!) In no specific order, the first post that we share is one that it was well received as it explained, in…

Deep Learning from the basis
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As mentioned in the previous article “Deep Learning, only for professional pilots”: there is no point in buying a Ferrari with a year´s license. However, we want to evoke in favor of Deep Learning and we thought it's important to start somewhere. We want to start with a purely informative article, for those to whom Deep Learning sounds like a science fiction or a horror movie. We do not pretend you end up using neural network models on a daily basis, we are just interested that you have the base to be able to make the leap into the world of Deep Learning. Starting from the basics, it is convenient to ask ourselves the question: What is Deep Learning? The…

LUCA Innovation Day: AI, science without fiction
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  • Ciencia . Evento . Ficción . Inteligencia Artificial . LUCA . Telefónica .

The LUCA Innovation Day Event, previously known as Big Data Innovation Day, takes place this year the 4th of October in Madrid. In recent months we have witnessed an explosion of information about the use of Artificial Intelligence for multiple purposes. We see this technology in the recommendation engines of online sales websites, in virtual assistants, but also actively helping to make industrial processes much more effective. Also, we see a clear gap between how we imagined the future years ago and how we are actually living right now. It is precisely this that inspires the largest annual event of LUCA, the Telefónica data unit. "Science without fiction" is the name of the event that will take place on the…

Don’t give up on Human Intelligence while adopting the Artificial one
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Artificial intelligence is here to stay, that's for sure. Just look at the pink (and not that pink) pages of any newspaper or take a quick look at Linkedin's feed to see that the "IA" is the last cry in the business world. And the truth is that there are plenty of reasons for this. The capabilities offered by this new technology allow not only to overcome barriers that were previously insurmountable for traditional systems, but also to unlock fields that were previously reserved for science fiction films. However, this rage for artificial intelligence has revealed a fact that is, to say the least, surprising: When it comes to making decisions, companies seem to rely more on machines than on…

Students from the Columbia University of New York do their internship in Artificial Intelligence with Synergic Partners
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  • AI . Artificial Intelligence . Big Data . Columbia University . Data Science . DSI Columbia . Inteligencia Artificial . Internship . Synergic Partners .

Synergic Partners is the only non-US company that maintains an association agreement with Columbia University of New York. Among other things, the agreement between Synergic Partners and the American university allows an exchange of talent and know-how, as well as working on some projects together. In this sense, year after year two students are selected to participate in real projects of the Spanish firm. This summer, the two interns have been working on two projects in parallel; one oriented to the text analysis for the legal department of a large company and another dedicated to collaborating in an emergency prediction project for the Emergency and Security Coordinating Center of the Canary Islands, also known as 112 Canary Islands. Here is…

The Canary Islands could become the safest tourist destination in Europe thanks to Artificial Intelligence
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  • 112 . AI . Artificial Intelligence . Big Data . Canarias . Data Science . Emergencias . Inteligencia Artificial . Islas Canarias . Predicción de Emergencias .

Thanks to a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence project, Emergencies 112 of the Canary Islands is able to predict the emergencies of the islands with an 80% confidence and, consequently, improve the efficiency and allocation of human resources and response times. Thanks to the collaboration of the Columbia University in the City of New York and the technical team of Synergic Partners, we have developed a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence project for the Emergency and Security Coordination Center (CECOES) of the Canary Islands Government, through which we have analyzed the activity data between 2005 and 2018 provided by the center (anonymous information on incidents, types of incidents, response times to an emergency, location of the situations and type of…

High impact technologies: artificial intelligence in our daily life
  • Carlos Lorenzo
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  • Big Data . Inteligencia Artificial . Machine Learning . Synergic Partners .

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, although it is far from the robots we see in Hollywood movies. Currently, large companies have joined the challenge of integrating, in one way or another, artificial intelligence within their own business models. The purposes are vary widely: from improving the customer experience; through bots Like Siri (Apple), Cortana (Windows), Alexa (Amazon) or Aura (Telefonica), but also to improve processes and optimize resources, such as detecting anomalies in machines or a logistics chain, detecting fraud, etc. Actually, we talk about the application of Machine Learning techniques for these purposes, although it is easier to recognize it by its generalization "Artificial Intelligence", or we could include it within the term "Machine Intelligence". Many of…

“Las tecnologías en auge como Big Data, IA, Blockchain o Computación Distribuida apuntan a un mismo camino; a ser una commodity” afirma Santiago González en el Congreso ASLAN 2018
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  • Big Data . Congreso Aslan . Data Science . Eventos . innovación . Inteligencia Artificial . Synergic Partners .

Durante el Congreso ASLAN 2018, el evento anual que reúne a profesionales del mundo tecnológico y de la innovación, se organizó el coloquio “Made in Spain” en el que Santiago González, de Synergic Partners, habló del estado del arte en Big Data. La Asociación @asLAN organizó los pasados días 11 y 12 de abril la vigésimo quinta edición de este Congreso anual nacional bajo el título “Enabling Digital Transformation”, con la participación de más de 100 compañías especializadas en “Servicios, aplicaciones e infraestructuras conectadas para hacer posible la Transformación Digital” y el apoyo de las principales instituciones del sector. El evento, que contó con la participación de más de 6.000 profesionales, ofreció una sección de coloquios en la que Synergic…

Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Carlos Lorenzo
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  • Big Data . Digitalización . Eficiencia operativa . Fabricación Aditiva . Industria 4.0 . Inteligencia Artificial . IoT . Realidad Aumentada . Revolución Industrial . Transformación digital .

The customization of mass production is the catalyst for change that, among other things, originates industry 4.0 Lot has passed since the steam engine changed the course of our civilization history with the mechanization of production in the First Industrial Revolution. Scientific advances at the end of the 19th century allowed the Second Industrial Revolution with the discovery of electricity that would be the basis for mass production, followed by a Third Industrial Revolution in the 20th century thanks to the power of information technology and electronics in the automation of production processes. Today, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is brewing, product of the merge of a series of exponential technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things…

The Deep Learning Hype
  • Alfonso Ibañez
  • Algoritmos . Big Data . Computación . Data . Data Science . Data Scientists . Deep Learning . Deep Learning Hype . Fiebre Deep Learning . IA . Inteligencia Artificial . Machine Learning . Neural Networks . Redes Neuronales .

In the era of Big Data a day does not pass by without us reading some news about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, never knowing what they refer to. The "experts" of the sector mix and exchange the terms with all naturalness, and only contribute to their hype. The simple fact of mentioning them catches the attention of investors and convinces them that these techniques have an almost magical power. Machine Learning is a scientific discipline coming from Artificial Intelligence, that studies how systems can be programmed to learn and improve with experience without human intervention. To address this problem, new paradigms emerge daily that allow the discovery of knowledge based on specific data deriving from solid statistical…

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