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Elite athletes explain the advantages offered by the application of new technologies in their day to day
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Carme Artigas participates in the first Technology and Sports forum organized by Telefonica with Spanish sports stars such as Rafa Nadal, Regino Hernández or Alejandro Valverde among others. Lastacompañada 4th of May, Telefónica held the first Technology and Sports Forum, a meeting that demonstrated how connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data help elite athletes in their competitions and trainings but also improves the experience of thousands of spectators who attend these great events. Carme Artigas participated in the forum along with José Mª Álvarez -Pallete, President of Telefónica, who started the forum highlighting the company's commitment to sports, the CEO of the Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Ángel Gil, who shared the communication infrastructures, security and audiovisual production of the…

“Las tecnologías en auge como Big Data, IA, Blockchain o Computación Distribuida apuntan a un mismo camino; a ser una commodity” afirma Santiago González en el Congreso ASLAN 2018
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  • Big Data . Congreso Aslan . Data Science . Eventos . innovación . Inteligencia Artificial . Synergic Partners .

Durante el Congreso ASLAN 2018, el evento anual que reúne a profesionales del mundo tecnológico y de la innovación, se organizó el coloquio “Made in Spain” en el que Santiago González, de Synergic Partners, habló del estado del arte en Big Data. La Asociación @asLAN organizó los pasados días 11 y 12 de abril la vigésimo quinta edición de este Congreso anual nacional bajo el título “Enabling Digital Transformation”, con la participación de más de 100 compañías especializadas en “Servicios, aplicaciones e infraestructuras conectadas para hacer posible la Transformación Digital” y el apoyo de las principales instituciones del sector. El evento, que contó con la participación de más de 6.000 profesionales, ofreció una sección de coloquios en la que Synergic…

Webinar: predicting crime with Big Data in New York
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  • Big Data . Columbia University . Crime Prediction . Data Analytics . Data Science . Evento . innovación . Innovation . NYC . Predicción del Crimen . Synergic Partners . Webinar .

A society concern today is the crime committed in our cities. We know the police works to reduce the crime rates but, what if they could predict what will happen and where? Do you think it is possible to predict a felony? and to know in which place and at what time it will take place? Through the use of Big Data it is possible. With a prediction model of 86% of accuracy, we demonstrate the crimes that can be vaticinated in New York City. In collaboration with the University of Columbia and the City Hall of New York we worked on the investigation of the possible sources of available data and applying data analytics models, interesting results were obtained…

The trend of Big Data: How does it affect the Telecommunications sector?
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  • Big Data . innovación . Sector Telco . Telecomunicaciones . Transformación digital .

Although for the general public Big Data is still a new concept, in the business world Big Data has long ceased to be a novelty. In fact, many companies have already started to collect the first results derived from the decision-making based purely on data. As in any other technological disruption, there are certain sectors that are always within the "early adopters" such as banking and telecommunications. This is due to the fact that they are sectors with great competition, in which no actor can afford to be outdated and with a large financial muscle, which allows them to invest heavily in technology. In the case of Big Data, in addition to these same reasons, the banking and telecommunications sector…

“We must familiarize all employees with data analytics” highlighted Carla Martínez in the Big Data & AI Innovation Cycle
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  • analítica . datos . digital . Digitalización . director . empresas . innovación . recursos humanos . rrhh . tecnología .

Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners, highlighted how projects can be applied in People Analytics in organizations, during the Innovation Cycle organized by RRHH Digital RRHH Digital, an online media specialist in the Human Resources sector, held on February 22 the "Innovation Cycle on Big Data and AI", aimed at labor relations professionals who want to keep up with the changes on innovation and digitalization in the organizations. Speakers from different organizations contributed their point of view, they were: Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners; Miguel Angel Pascual, Digital & Comms Leader at Pernod Ricard; José Parra Moyano, Co-founder of Lionstep; Lourdes Molinero, Partner Director of Íncipy and as moderator Javier Alió,…

Big Data in the luxury sector: The new pearl
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  • Big Data . Experiencia de Cliente . experiencias exclusivas . innovación . lujo . personalización . Sector Lujo . servicios inteligentes . Transformación digital .

The luxury sector has always been one of the main drivers of innovation because of its natural conception and its innate offer of exclusive products, however, when we speak about adoption of new technologies there are other sectors leading the initiatives in digital transformation. In a changing environment in which technology is favouring the generation of new business models, changing how products and services are consumed, how the user interacts with the brand and even the impacts that affect purchase decisions, luxury must position itself to continue leading in terms of innovation as it has done so far. But not only the environment evolves, also the client of the luxury sector is changing and diversifying. The brands of the sector…

Retina LTD: companies highlight the importance of Data
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  • Carme Artigas . datos . Digitalización . El País . El País Retina . Estrategia . Eventos . innovación . New . Retina LTD . Synergic Partners . Transformación digital .

Retina, the digital transformation leader´s event of EL PAÍS, brings together executives from Telefónica, Tesla, Google and Synergic Partners, through the participation of Carme Artigas Retina LTD, the forum organized by EL PAÍS, has become a mandatory appointment in the calendar of those who speak of digital transformation. With an agenda full of speakers from leading companies in innovation and new technologies, the Reina Sofía museum hosted on Tuesday, November 28th, digital transformation leaders from companies such as Google, Telefónica, Car2go, Tesla, Santander and even representatives of training and ex-ministers, two fundamental groups as levers of the transformation of companies and cultural change. The first block was opened by Fuencisla Clemares, General Director of Google Spain and Portugal, with some…

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Synergic Partners participates in the event organized by its Strategic Visualization Partner CARTO. On April 26th and 27th, CARTO Locations took place in Madrid, an event with a central focus on innovation and technological solutions based on the visualization and geolocalization of data. More than 300 people were present at the event where Mikel Coira, Solutions Development Manager of Synergic Partners, spoke about the challenge of communicating two very different parts in the development of a project; the client and the technical team, pointing out as a more effective solution the use of various forms of visualization. As a concrete case, he presented the project developed for Sierra Nevada, in which the use of maps was of great value in extracting…

The AED (Spanish Association of Directors) Lists Big Data as a Challenge for Spanish Companies in 2017
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  • AED . Asociación Española de Directivos . Big Data . CaixaForum . Carme Artigas . Empresas Españolas . Empresas predictivas . innovación . Reto de Directivos . Reto de empresa . Retos 2017 .

Carme Artigas affirms that Big Data allows companies to move from reactive to predictive The Spanish Association of Directors (AED), an organization focused on the personal and collective development of the country’s directors, held a conference entitled Challenges for Directors in 2017 at CaixaFòrum in Barcelona. Carme Artigas, founder and CEO of Synergic Partners, was asked to speak on the growing importance of big data in business strategies. Artigas began her speech by affirming that directors in 2017 cannot allow themselves the luxury of not knowing what big data is. “Collecting and analyzing information in order to make better decisions, that is big data. Being able to process information of all kinds allows us to create new business opportunities,” stated…

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On June 8, Carla Martínez represented Synergic Partners in the Automobile Session of SIL 2016, organized by ANFAC, offering her strategic vision on the use of big data in logistics for the automotive sector. Alongside Oracle, DSV and Sigfox, they offered information on and debated the importance of new technologies for logistics and competitive development. Elements such as big data, optimization in the stock industry, products, distribution from a digital point of view and the improvement of processes through digital consulting were the main points of the session, among others. Also participating were Antonio Lorenzo, journalist at El Economista, Arcadio Martínez, Market Intelligence Manager at DSV, Joan Carles Agusti i Mas, Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle, Rebecca Crowey, Sales Director…

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