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Synergic Partners to Attend the “European Ecommerce Conference”
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The European Ecommerce Conference returns to the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao November 18 and 19, where more than one hundred internationally prestigious presenters, disruptive companies and innovators will share their ideas on the new digital age. Among those one hundred prestigious speakers will be Carme Artigas, founding partner at Synergic Partners. Carme will participate in a round-table discussion entitled “Technology at the Service of Women,” which will discuss and analyze topics such as empowerment, TICs and leadership from various perspectives and points of view. Carme Artigas will then give a speech entitled “How Big Data Will Forever Transform E-Commerce”. During the presentation, she will explore how big data and advanced predictive analytical techniques (data science) are changing forever the face…

Synergic Partners at the 1ª Edition of the Big Data Congress
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The Big Data CoE, in collaboration with the City Hall of Barcelona, the Generalitat of Catalunya, Eurecat and Oracle, will hold the first edition of the Big Data Congress on November 3 and 4 at the “Imagina” auditorium in the MediaPro building in Barcelona. This event, one of reference for big data in Catalonia, aims to provide a meeting point for professionals, suppliers and businesses who wish to develop projects within the world of big data and data analytics. It will also offer a space for discovering new trends as well as state of the art big data technology, sharing experiences and a networking-friendly environment for the attendees. In order to address all interests, there will be two separate thematic…

Synergic Partners to Hold Workshop at the CEOE on “Big Data and Marketing: New Business Opportunities”
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The phenomenon of big data is revolutionizing business models for various sectors while at the same time radically changing the process of decision-making. Big data now not only influences company technology directors, but marketing directors must also be able to understand and work with big data, which offers a new world of opportunities, allowing them to better understand their target, measure their actions, optimize marketing campaigns and even analyze customer experience in real time. In order to explain this shift in paradigm, Synergic Partners is holding a workshop on October 8 with the goal of demonstrating the changes being generated by big data in the marketing sector by defining business and decision-making strategies as well as the new business opportunities…

Big Data Startups: Entrepreneurs and success stories
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The community Big Data Startups will hold its fourth meeting on March 2 within the context of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and 4 Years From Now, event of reference for the mobile telecommunications sector that brings together the most important businesses and professionals of the Barcelona scene. Taking advantage of the fact that during these days the city will become the mobile technology capital, Big Data Startups has arranged a meet-up with two powerful participants, founders of successful start-ups Karen Prats, CEO and co-founder of PopPlaces, and Eric Ferrer, CCO and co-founder of Cronnection. They will each explain how their ideas were born, how they raised the necessary capital to develop their projects, what their business models are and,…

Networking Talent Day: Meet companies, meet talent
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On November 19, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia held an event entitled Networking Talent Day: Meet Companies, Meet Talent on November 19, and Synergic Partners was able to participate as a supporting member of the UPC Alumni. The main objective of the day was to put companies looking for new talent in contact with polytechnic students and recent graduates through the innovative format known as networking. A total of twenty-eight companies participated in the event, with arranged meetings of four to eight recent graduates in telecommunications, civil engineering and industrial engineering. The various meetings lasted approximately twenty-five minutes, during which the participants were able to exchange recruiting needs on the part of the company with the professional aspirations of the…

“Getting Contacts! Woman Terrassa” will count on the participation of Carme Artigas
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The Service of Innovation, Research and Development of the Terrassa City Hall is organizing the 3rd edition of “Getting Contacts! Woman Terrassa”, which will take place March 10th, from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm, at the Hotel Don Cándido in Terrassa. “Getting Contacts! Woman Terrassa” is a day of motivation and networking for businesswomen, female entrepeneurs, directors and/or businesses started by women, as well as women who hold intermediate or executive positions in the business world. Carme Artigas, a founding partner at Synergic Partners, will participate at the round table, together with three other businesswomen: Dolors Puig (Director of Euncet Business School), Gemma Cernuda (founding partner at Peix&co) and Natàlia Cuguero (founding partner at Get a Partner). The debate will center…

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