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LUCA Innovation Day: AI, science without fiction
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The LUCA Innovation Day Event, previously known as Big Data Innovation Day, takes place this year the 4th of October in Madrid. In recent months we have witnessed an explosion of information about the use of Artificial Intelligence for multiple purposes. We see this technology in the recommendation engines of online sales websites, in virtual assistants, but also actively helping to make industrial processes much more effective. Also, we see a clear gap between how we imagined the future years ago and how we are actually living right now. It is precisely this that inspires the largest annual event of LUCA, the Telefónica data unit. "Science without fiction" is the name of the event that will take place on the…

Elite athletes explain the advantages offered by the application of new technologies in their day to day
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  • Big Data . Carme Artigas . Data Science . Deporte . Evento . Events . Foro de Tecnología y Deporte . innovación . Innovation . Rafael Nadal . Sierra Nevada . Sports . Technology . tecnología . Tecnology and Sports Forum . Telefónica .

Carme Artigas participates in the first Technology and Sports forum organized by Telefonica with Spanish sports stars such as Rafa Nadal, Regino Hernández or Alejandro Valverde among others. Lastacompañada 4th of May, Telefónica held the first Technology and Sports Forum, a meeting that demonstrated how connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data help elite athletes in their competitions and trainings but also improves the experience of thousands of spectators who attend these great events. Carme Artigas participated in the forum along with José Mª Álvarez -Pallete, President of Telefónica, who started the forum highlighting the company's commitment to sports, the CEO of the Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Ángel Gil, who shared the communication infrastructures, security and audiovisual production of the…

Webinar: predicting crime with Big Data in New York
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  • Big Data . Columbia University . Crime Prediction . Data Analytics . Data Science . Evento . innovación . Innovation . NYC . Predicción del Crimen . Synergic Partners . Webinar .

A society concern today is the crime committed in our cities. We know the police works to reduce the crime rates but, what if they could predict what will happen and where? Do you think it is possible to predict a felony? and to know in which place and at what time it will take place? Through the use of Big Data it is possible. With a prediction model of 86% of accuracy, we demonstrate the crimes that can be vaticinated in New York City. In collaboration with the University of Columbia and the City Hall of New York we worked on the investigation of the possible sources of available data and applying data analytics models, interesting results were obtained…

“The World is Mobile”; 4th Edition of the Mobile Technology Conference Move Uruguay
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  • Big Data . Carme Artigas . Conferencia . Dirupción Tecnológica . Evento . Move . Move Uruguay . Móvil . Movistar Uruguay . Tecnología Móvil . Transformación digital . Ventajas Big Data .

The Move Conference, which brings together all the professionals in the mobile industry featured prominent international speakers such as Carme Artigas, who spoke about the disruption of Big Data in this new digital era. Last Friday, 16th of March under the slogan “The World is Mobile” the 4th edition of Move took place; the forum for innovation and new trends in mobile technology organized by Movistar Uruguay with the aim of illustrating all the benefits and possibilities that the mobile world offers. More than 600 people attended and thousands connected in streaming to enjoy the talks of international and national speakers, such as Santiago Bilinkis (Argentina), entrepreneur and technologist who spoke about the future of work; Gabriel Colla (Uruguay), founder…

The international predictive analysis challenge “WiDS Datathon” begins and is also awarded in Spain
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  • Analítica Predictiva . Big Data . Data Science . datathon . dataton . Evento . Mujeres STEM . reto . Reto de Analítica Predictiva . STEM . Universidad de Stanford . WiDS . Women in Data Science .

The competition that will test your knowledge in data analytics is live! Framed in the WiDS global event, organized by Stanford University the 5th of March in Madrid, in collaboration with its ambassador Carme Artigas The international data marathon "WiDS Datathon", the novelty of the global event 'Women in Data Science' (WiDS) in this edition has started. The challenge, which takes place from February 1st to the  28th, consists of forming teams of data scientists or experts in other related areas, who must apply their knowledge in Data Science to develop an innovative predictive model in order to reduce poverty in the world, in an environment of real data, with the highest percentage of correct answers. The winning team will…

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