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Big Data: future challenges
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The path to success is not something simple, it always requires a level of work and effort to achieve it. Big Data technologies, presenting a great potential both for the present and in the future, are in constant transformation and expansion. The evolution of Big data and the level of adoption of these technologies by companies (depending on their level of maturity Big Data), makes us meet with different challenges in the medium term. To avoid limitations in this regard we must study some points that may imply a challenge in the future. Shortage of Big data experts Interestingly, one of the biggest difficulties that those companies that already develop Big Data initiatives is to find professionals with enoughtraining and…

Where is the V in Big Data? Understanding what Big Data is
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The 5V's behind Big Data The question you have been wondering for some time, which you have not dared to ask… That is what this article is about. If you still have doubts about what Big Data is and its transforming impact, this is for you. The scope Big Data will have in our lives is still uncertain, but what we can verify is an obvious fact: the economy will revolve around data, so it is time to understand what Big Data is once and for all. Big Data is the ability to process and analyze a huge amount of data at very low cost, and extract information and new patterns of behaviour that were previously impossible to extract due…

7 strategies to face the technological disruption
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How is your company facing the digital transformation? The technological irruption within the business strategy is a fact, after the kick-off organizations have embarked on a race to adapt to the changes offered by the new digital world that affects not only the way of working but the way of doing business. However, we have seen that not all companies begin from the same starting point. Actually, we identify at least 7 strategies that companies are adopting to deal with technological disruption. Understanding these approaches and their consequences will help company leaders to create a reflective approach of their own that fosters change within their entire organization. Blocking Also known as the trench strategy, is to try to defend or…

Lux-Tech: The Digital Transformation in the Luxury Sector
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- Synergic Partners and Luxury Advise have come together to create the LUX-TECH strategy with the aim of bringing new technologies to the luxury sector and providing a complete offer in digital transformation, from Big Data technologies to the qualification of the shopping experience. - Spain invoices 6,000 million euros in the luxury sector, being the fifth European country in consumption of this type of goods and services due to tourism and international markets. - The pending subject of the sector is the development of the local market (25% of the total) and the adaptation to the new generations, a great challenge that requires the development of new technologies. From Synergic Partners we have entered into an alliance with Luxury…

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We are currently living through not only the adoption of Big Data by companies at an ever-increasing rhythm, but also an acceleration in the spread of strategies for transforming them into Data-Driven organizations. Of course, in the beginning, it was the technology departments leading projects looking to save on storage and mass data processing costs, but marketing departments are now also adopting Big Data with the goal of supporting their digitalization strategies and searching for the greatest efficiency in commercial campaigns thanks to a better understanding of the client, among other benefits. Major international companies have already implemented the adoption of business strategies based on Big Data, a massive adoption led by business and more and more by executive directors.…

Synergic Partners & CEOE: Big Data Event
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Carme Artigas and Julio Linares highlight how the Data Economy is Transforming the Business Models. Under the title "The New Data Economy: Transforming Business Models," Synergic Partners and CEOE have organized today, the session celebrated at the headquarters of the Spanish Confederation which was inaugurated by the president of the Digital Society Commission of the CEOE, Julio Linares, and by Carme Artigas, CEO and Co-Founder of Synergic Partners. The event included a round table where successful Big Data use cases were presented, relating to the energy, transport, retail and financial sectors. In his presentation, Julio Linares pointed out that, in the digital transformation process, the most advanced sectors have logically been those related to new technologies, followed by the financial…

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