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Synergic Partners will hold the 5th edition of Big Data Week in Spain, specifically as a City Partner in both Madrid and Barcelona. The event will take place the week of October 24-30, simultaneously with other cities including London, Chicago, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Big Data Week is a global platform for the most unique and important events for interconnected communities whose objective is to reveal and promote Big Data and new mass data analysis techniques as well as the study of its impact on social, political, commercial and technological levels. The initiative was started in 2011 by Stewart Townsend and, ever since then, for one week experts from various fields come together and cover the main sectors of…

When Michelangelo Invented Big Data
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They say that when Michelangelo was asked about his impressive technique in sculpting the Pietà in just one piece, his answer was: “The sculpture was already inside of the stone. I merely eliminated the extra marble.”   It’s impossible to deny that, from a simplistic point of view, sculpting is getting rid of the extra material. However, something must influence the artist, because, if most of us were handed a block of marble, a hammer and a chisel, we would most likely not be able to sculpt anything recognizable.   And it is the creativity of the artist, more than the handling of their tools, that is the added value that they bring to what they do and what makes…

Synergic Partners takes part at #RETINA 2016, held by El País
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Digitalization is changing the business model RETINA, an event organized by El País, will be held May 10 and 11 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Campo de las Naciones in Madrid. RETINA is an essential event for those professionals called to lead the digital transformations of their organizations. It is a forum at which entrepreneurs, business directors, investors and public managers can share experiences and business opportunities related to new technologies and the new digital environment. On Tuesday, May 10, Carme Artigas, CEO and co-founder of Synergic Partners, will give a speech focused on Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning. There will be a content room in the innovation area – an agenda focused on entrepreneurship and the Internet of…

Synergic Partners and CEOE to Organize a Conference on the Business Value of Data in the Financial and Industrial Sector
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On Thursday, May 5, the conference Big Data: The Monetization of Data in the Digital Transformation Era will be held, organized by the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and Synergic Partners. Julio Linares, President of the Digital Society Commission of CEOE and the Vice-President of Telefonica, will inaugurate the event, giving his vision on the importance of advancing the development of strategies based on Big Data. In her speech, Carme Artigas, CEO and co-founder of Synergic Partners, will share her vision of the economic value of data in the digital transformation of companies. This will be followed by a round table discussion with leaders from the financial, service and industrial sectors in which real cases and business strategies with…

Synergic Partners to Participate in the 8th Edition of eShow Barcelona, Together with Google, Amazon and Paypal
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Synergic Partners will be present March 16-17 at the 8th edition of eShow Barcelona, an international event focused on e-commerce, the Internet and business. eShow Barcelona is a meeting that brings together important online companies dealing in products, services and logistics in order to exchange key points on the trends of 2016. The digital transformation and the transformation of electronic commerce and internet businesses will be the main focus of the meeting in Barcelona. Globalization, connectivity and rapid advances in technology force companies to evolve and adapt themselves to the inertia of change while also presenting an opportunity to bring themselves up to date. Albert Solana, Big Data and Business Development Manager at Synergic Partners and a specialist in digital…

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