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Consumer Insights, telling stories beyond the numbers
  • Almudena Bonet
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“A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs had clear from the dawn of his career what it meant to find a good insight. On the other hand, on the side of the rest of the mortals, ordinary women and men have had to settle for finding clues that allow them to understand the perceptions and motivations that condition the behaviour of the rest of their fellow human beings, thus trying to extract the maximum performance of their economic activities. Conspecifics with the suit of clients, consumers, visitors, patients, users, students ... There are many nouns to define the relationship that is generated with people in different areas. What they…

Data Science as a service in Cloud
  • Synergic Partners
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Data, technology and services in the cloud. We gather specialists in cloud services who will talk about the latest developments and new solutions focused on 'data science' in our next meetup. Next Wednesday July 11th, we will hold a meetup organized by the Data Science Spain and IoT Analytics Spain communities, where the main topics will be Data science Technologies and Services in the cloud. What are the latest developments and new solutions from the point of view of data science offered by companies specializing in cloud services? In this meeting, held in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica, we will count with the participation of representatives from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services, who will explain what advantages…

Chief Data Officer: What can he do for your company?
  • Antonio Pita
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  • Big Data . CDO . Chief Data Officer . Data Science . datos . Estrategia . Nuevos roles . Transformación digital .

Data economy, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things are some of the topics that are increasingly featured on the steering committee. But not only these words appears in the top management, but also new figures. This is the case of the Chief Data Officer, a newly created profile in many companies. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the data of a company at the highest level, both from a technological and business point of view, including security. It is who helps managing the data as a corporate asset; among its functions include the strategy for data exploitation and data governance; that is, defining security policies in the management and storage of data, privacy policies,…

The acceleration of the insurance sector in Big Data
  • Alfredo Martínez
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Of all the applications of Big Data, insurance companies demand to exploit the value of their data to enhance their relationship with their customer, from the acquisition to loyalty. In the insurance sector, there are few moments of interaction with the customer thereby few occasions to obtain information from them. Therefore, offering a personalized and agile service has become crucial. For this, data is fundamental as a raw material for the business intelligence, which far from being a complementary tool, as is seen in other sectors, is an asset to be exploited in a highly competitive and customer-focused sector. Today practically all companies in the sector are hiring experts to drive the digital transformation process, many of them lacking clear…

“We must familiarize all employees with data analytics” highlighted Carla Martínez in the Big Data & AI Innovation Cycle
  • Carla Martínez
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Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners, highlighted how projects can be applied in People Analytics in organizations, during the Innovation Cycle organized by RRHH Digital RRHH Digital, an online media specialist in the Human Resources sector, held on February 22 the "Innovation Cycle on Big Data and AI", aimed at labor relations professionals who want to keep up with the changes on innovation and digitalization in the organizations. Speakers from different organizations contributed their point of view, they were: Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners; Miguel Angel Pascual, Digital & Comms Leader at Pernod Ricard; José Parra Moyano, Co-founder of Lionstep; Lourdes Molinero, Partner Director of Íncipy and as moderator Javier Alió,…

Data in traditional companies vs. digital natives
  • Synergic Partners
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Once the process of how to obtain value from data is understood, it is worth asking whether if the process varies if we are talking about a traditional company, for example a large telco or a bank, or if we are talking about a start-up based on the new digital economy as is the case of companies such as Uber, Cabify, Airbnb or Netflix among other. Data in a traditional company In a traditional company, especially in large companies, the heart of data processing has always been the data warehouse. In the following diagram we can see an overview of a typical data warehouse (DWH).     Absolutely all the information stored and processed in a DWH is structured information…

Big Data: The opportunity for Middle Market
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Carme Artigas . Cre100do . datos . Eventos . Jornada de CEOs . Middle Market . Synergic Partner . Valor de Datos .

During the CEOs Conference organized by CRE100DO, the challenges of digital transformation were analyzed. Rosa García (Siemens Spain) was invited along with Carme Artigas (Synergic Partners), who explained how the middle market can adopt  Big Data to grow and concluded with 5 keys to exploit the value of the data CRE100DO, a country-program launched by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, ICEX and the Círculo de Empresarios, celebrated the CEO's Workshop on January 24th, in which the executives of the companies that are part of the program were able to learn thanks to Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners and Rosa García, president of Siemens Spain, the keys to the digital transformation of companies. Carlos Mira, director of CRE100DO began the meeting explaining why middle…

How is value extracted from Data?
  • Synergic Partners
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Nowadays, it seems that wherever we look, Social Networks, press, specialized magazines, meetups, etc., everyone is talking about "how to extract value from data". The issue has already become a daily conversation of all the technical and management circles and it seems that the companies that are not addressing it in some way are falling behind. All businesses in the 21st century are immersed in data: data generated by the business, such as sales, purchases, suppliers, risks, stocks or others; data generated by customers, such as customer interactions with the company through its different channels, physical and online stores, websites, mobile Apps, call centers, among others; data generated by the competence of the company; and in recent years more "exotic"…

Retina LTD: companies highlight the importance of Data
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Carme Artigas . datos . Digitalización . El País . El País Retina . Estrategia . Eventos . innovación . New . Retina LTD . Synergic Partners . Transformación digital .

Retina, the digital transformation leader´s event of EL PAÍS, brings together executives from Telefónica, Tesla, Google and Synergic Partners, through the participation of Carme Artigas Retina LTD, the forum organized by EL PAÍS, has become a mandatory appointment in the calendar of those who speak of digital transformation. With an agenda full of speakers from leading companies in innovation and new technologies, the Reina Sofía museum hosted on Tuesday, November 28th, digital transformation leaders from companies such as Google, Telefónica, Car2go, Tesla, Santander and even representatives of training and ex-ministers, two fundamental groups as levers of the transformation of companies and cultural change. The first block was opened by Fuencisla Clemares, General Director of Google Spain and Portugal, with some…

  • Synergic Partners
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Leading companies of the digital transformation and the 4.0 industry met in the AMEC forum with the participation of Carme Artigas who stressed the need of any organization to connect their data with the business to achieve success. The association of internationalized industrial companies; AMEC, organized last June in Barcelona the reference forum "Industrial Company: Global & Digital", focusing the debate on the digitalization of the industry and the generation of new revenues through innovative business models. The forum counted on the participation and opinion of recognized experts of the sector such as Carlos Ventura, Jaime García-Legaz or Carme Artigas who started the conference. During her inaugural speech, Artigas shared the vision of the role of Big Data as a…

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