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“The challenge is to change our digital culture within the company.” — Albert Solana at the Adigital Coffee & Data Breakfast
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In today’s rapidly changing world, it is no longer a case of the big guy beating out the small one, but rather the fast beating out the slow. Therefore, optimizing business decision-making processes is essential. With the multiple applications and advantages it offers to the organizations using it to define their strategies, the use of big data is generalizing and expanding at great speed. In an environment with more and more data every day, it is fundamental to select, treat and analyze data correctly and to make it available to the company in order to increase their corporate value. Albert Solana, Business Manager at Synergic Partners and a specialist in digital transformation, spoke of the importance of integrating big data…

Synergic Partners to Participate in the 8th Edition of eShow Barcelona, Together with Google, Amazon and Paypal
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Synergic Partners will be present March 16-17 at the 8th edition of eShow Barcelona, an international event focused on e-commerce, the Internet and business. eShow Barcelona is a meeting that brings together important online companies dealing in products, services and logistics in order to exchange key points on the trends of 2016. The digital transformation and the transformation of electronic commerce and internet businesses will be the main focus of the meeting in Barcelona. Globalization, connectivity and rapid advances in technology force companies to evolve and adapt themselves to the inertia of change while also presenting an opportunity to bring themselves up to date. Albert Solana, Big Data and Business Development Manager at Synergic Partners and a specialist in digital…

Carme Artigas will be keynote speaker at Retail Revolution Forum ESADE
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The Retail Revolution Forum at ESADECREAPOLIS, to be held March 3 and 4, will deal with the evolution and transformation that the retail sector is currently undergoing. It will bring together key figures in order to point out some of the challenges being faced by the consumer sector, as well as some lines of innovation and the most useful strategies for success. The inaugural conference will feature the participation of Carme Artigas, founder and CEO of Synergic Partners. She will present the uses and applications of big data in the retail and e-commerce sectors. Digital transformation, new business models and client knowledge will be the key points in her presentation on “The Big Data Revolution in Retail.” The presentation will…

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