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Big Data stars in the Mobile World Congress 2018
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During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, gave a talk to Congressmen and officials from Brazil about the benefits of Big Data for the Public sector. The Mobile World Congress, held from February 26th to March 1st, 2018 in Barcelona, is the world's largest mobile event and the most important technology fair in Spain, presented as a concatenation of open conferences led by directors and influencers of the sector. In this way, the presence of technological and digital companies in this international event is so important at business level. In this edition, the technologies related to Big Data have been the protagonists of the event as more applied realities and practices were presented compared…

Big Data: future challenges
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The path to success is not something simple, it always requires a level of work and effort to achieve it. Big Data technologies, presenting a great potential both for the present and in the future, are in constant transformation and expansion. The evolution of Big data and the level of adoption of these technologies by companies (depending on their level of maturity Big Data), makes us meet with different challenges in the medium term. To avoid limitations in this regard we must study some points that may imply a challenge in the future. Shortage of Big data experts Interestingly, one of the biggest difficulties that those companies that already develop Big Data initiatives is to find professionals with enoughtraining and…

Digital Employment: a Big Data Training Program for Unemployed Young People
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#EmpleoDigital is a formative initiative through which Fundacion Telefonica promotes talent in unemployed young people in the discipline of Big Data. The huge generation of data as well as its analysis has become the center of the economy, forcing companies in every sector to digitally transform their business models. Along with this change, the need for cultural and organizational change in business strategy and the acquisition of new capabilities on a corporate level has emerged. Therefore, we must bet on the analytical talent in Spain and the formation of academic profiles in disciplines complementary to our sector. In this context, the creation of training programs to teach data scientists how to manage, understand and extract conclusions from the data is…

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We are currently living through not only the adoption of Big Data by companies at an ever-increasing rhythm, but also an acceleration in the spread of strategies for transforming them into Data-Driven organizations. Of course, in the beginning, it was the technology departments leading projects looking to save on storage and mass data processing costs, but marketing departments are now also adopting Big Data with the goal of supporting their digitalization strategies and searching for the greatest efficiency in commercial campaigns thanks to a better understanding of the client, among other benefits. Major international companies have already implemented the adoption of business strategies based on Big Data, a massive adoption led by business and more and more by executive directors.…

Synergic Partners & CEOE: Big Data Event
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Carme Artigas and Julio Linares highlight how the Data Economy is Transforming the Business Models. Under the title "The New Data Economy: Transforming Business Models," Synergic Partners and CEOE have organized today, the session celebrated at the headquarters of the Spanish Confederation which was inaugurated by the president of the Digital Society Commission of the CEOE, Julio Linares, and by Carme Artigas, CEO and Co-Founder of Synergic Partners. The event included a round table where successful Big Data use cases were presented, relating to the energy, transport, retail and financial sectors. In his presentation, Julio Linares pointed out that, in the digital transformation process, the most advanced sectors have logically been those related to new technologies, followed by the financial…

Only 30% of Leadership Positions in Technology are Held by Women
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Women in Data Science, organized by Synergic Partners and Stanford University, analyzed the problems arising from the lack of women in strategic leadership positions within the digital world. Madrid, February 3, 2017.- Following the success of the first edition of the conference Women in Data Science in November 2015, the prestigious Stanford University decided to open the initiative up to the rest of the world. Two years later, the conference is celebrated in over 75 cities around the world and has been held for the first time in Madrid with the help of Synergic Partners, Spain’s leading company in advanced Data Analytics. The event brought together students and professionals from the academic and business worlds with the intention of inspiring…

An economist… working on the good side
  • Sergio Mayor
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Before I start, I would like to introduce myself to better contextualize this post. My name is Sergio Mayor Martin, I am an economist and I am currently working as a Business Consultant at Synergic Partners, pioneer in the world of Big Data in Spain. For us, the students of Economic Sciences, the name of our discipline has always been under discussion, with the second half of the title of those studies often being left off and leaving us with just plain “Economics.” This is due to traditional thinking, based on everything the term “Science” carries along with it, what exactly it should be and why economics is not one. This affirmation with reference to the world of economics is…

Carme Artigas: An Innovator who’s Making a Difference
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The urge to change the world with the zeal for innovation is the power that drives innovative people in the world. With the same gusto, i.e. to make an impact in the progress of society by helping organizations adopt new innovative technologies so that they can get benefitted from the advantages these technologies bring, Carme Artigas started her own venture, Synergic Partners. Carme wanted to run her own company in an innovation area where she could really make a difference in the way information and data was used and analyzed. Carme shares, “I decided to fund a company in the year 2006 to help businesses become data-driven organizations, thanks to the new emerging technologies around Big Data Analytics.” Starting her career…

Innovation Forum 2016: Betting on Interaction
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Innovation Forum 2016 will be held by the Rioja Foundation for Innovation May 17 and 18 at the Palacio de Congresos de La Rioja. The Rioja Foundation for Innovation will focus on interaction throughout the forum. With a fresh and dynamic format, it promises to be an important event for innovation at which Carme Artigas will be a keynote speaker with a speech on Big Data as a Strategic Bet in Industry. The theme of the forum will deal with bioeconomy and connected industry, two strategic and interdisciplinary areas that are necessary for improving the competitiveness of companies in La Rioja. Throughout the two days, there will be Talk Shows¸ during which specialists will give their personal testimonies on the…

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