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Synergic Academy launches two Big Data training courses in collaboration with ESADE
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Companies are increasingly basing their strategic decisions on data, giving them a great competitive advantage. However, converting themselves into Data-Driven organizations means not just changing the way in which they collect, store and analyze information, but also transforming their culture and providing their employees with training. Synergic Partners, the leading consulting firm in Big Data training in Spain with their line of business training, Synergic Academy, is launching two Big Data training courses in collaboration with the higher education institution and business school, ESADE Business School, in both Madrid and Barcelona. Big Data Analytics for Executives, is a course focused on learning how to extract intelligence from data, to get to know the technological and analytical functions of Big Data…

Synergic Partners, the only Company Associated with Columbia University
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For the fourth consecutive year, the company assisted to the annual symposium of the Data Science Institute (DSI), the first institution in the world of its kind. Synergic Partners, Spanish consulting firm specializing in advanced data analysis, is the only company outside of North America to have a partnership agreement with Columbia University in New York. Among several great American corporations, Synergic Partners is the only European industry affiliate of the Data Science Institute (DSI), the first institution in the world on the subject. The main objectives of the DSI, the leading educational institution on Big Data and Data Science, are to be a driving force in Data Science and to attract the best possible interdisciplinary professors at Columbia University,…

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The Spanish firm Synergic Partners works with the New York City Hall to understand where, when and what types of crimes are happening in the city in an attempt to prevent them Can you imagine the police being able to know when and where a given crime is going to be committed, hours before it happens? Can technology and data analysis end crime in our cities? If you answered no, it may be because you are not familiar with what Big Data is capable of today. New York City is currently at the forefront with a new trend: applying analytical models capable of predicting where and what time of day a given type of crime will occur. To do so,…

Sierra Nevada, the pioneer ski station in Spain thanks to the Big Data Project of Synergic Partners
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Synergic Partners, part of the Telefonica group, has presented an analytical study within the framework of the FreestyleSki and Snowboard World Championship at Sierra Nevada that demonstrates the potential of Big Data has to improve the experience of skiers. The study has allowed for the characterization of the skiers into groups based on their experience level and can identify use patterns of the different lifts at the ski station. It also offers a deeper profile of the users and the use of the slopes of Sierra Nevada with the objective of making personalized suggestions that are adjusted to the needs of each skier.   Synergic Partners, part of the Telefonica Group, has presented an analytical study, within the framework of…

Only 30% of Leadership Positions in Technology are Held by Women
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Women in Data Science, organized by Synergic Partners and Stanford University, analyzed the problems arising from the lack of women in strategic leadership positions within the digital world. Madrid, February 3, 2017.- Following the success of the first edition of the conference Women in Data Science in November 2015, the prestigious Stanford University decided to open the initiative up to the rest of the world. Two years later, the conference is celebrated in over 75 cities around the world and has been held for the first time in Madrid with the help of Synergic Partners, Spain’s leading company in advanced Data Analytics. The event brought together students and professionals from the academic and business worlds with the intention of inspiring…

Carme Artigas: An Innovator who’s Making a Difference
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The urge to change the world with the zeal for innovation is the power that drives innovative people in the world. With the same gusto, i.e. to make an impact in the progress of society by helping organizations adopt new innovative technologies so that they can get benefitted from the advantages these technologies bring, Carme Artigas started her own venture, Synergic Partners. Carme wanted to run her own company in an innovation area where she could really make a difference in the way information and data was used and analyzed. Carme shares, “I decided to fund a company in the year 2006 to help businesses become data-driven organizations, thanks to the new emerging technologies around Big Data Analytics.” Starting her career…

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