DS Awards Spain 2018

Repsol, a study to predict early Alzheimer’s disease and Fundación Civio for a report on the use of contraceptives, are the winners in the category of best business initiative, best data scientist and best journalistic work respectively.

Last Thursday, November 22nd, the awards ceremony for the 3rd edition of the Data Science Awards Spain was held, organised by Telefónica through LUCA, the company’s data unit, which has also sponsored them together with Google Cloud. The contest is the initiative of Synergic Partners, the company acquired by the group in 2015, to highlight the work of Spanish scientists, companies and journalists who are best applying data science in their work.

Among the more than 360 projects presented, 60% more than in the previous edition, the following finalists in each of the categories were awarded:

  • Best Data Scientist Award: Pablo López Álvarez
  • Best Big Data Entrepreneurship Award: Repsol
  • Best Journalistic Data Work: Civio Foundation
  • Honourable Mention to the best methodology and technological use in the Data Science discipline: Manuel López Martín
  • Honourable Mention for Big Data’s Best Business Strategy: Naturgy
  • Honourable Mention to the best journalistic strategy: EpData by Europa Press

A jury made up of experts in Big Data from Oxford University, entrepreneurs, data journalists, CEOE representatives and Telefónica and Google executives highlighted the quality of the projects presented and the high level of female participation (27%), higher than in any previous edition.

Alzheimer’s currently affects 44 million people worldwide, but it is expected to reach 135 million by 2050, making it the disease of the 21st century. And although this disease has been studied for some twenty years by scientists in various biomedical fields, no significant progress has yet been made. One of the current winners, Pablo López Álvarez proposes, through his study, to create an automatic learning model, capable of estimating whether a patient is in an early stage of this disease thanks to the study of data thrown by a MEG machine (manetoencephalography) based on the brain activity of patients through 102 sensors placed in the head. The judges highlighted the feasibility of this project that could be developed in the coming months in a real medical environment.

The exhaustive journalistic research carried out by Fundación Civio on the use and access to contraceptives worldwide, taking into account economic, social and religious variables, stands out for combining statistics with real stories of the women who have participated in this analysis, giving rise to the report awarded this year as the best journalistic work.

Repsol’s Analytics Polyolefins project, developed in the Puertollano industrial complex, stands out for its innovation and will be extended to the rest of its industrial plants as an example of the application of advanced analytics and process automation. Repsol’s digitalisation process is one of the most ambitious in the energy sector. Its commitment to digitalisation as a lever for improving and generating new products and services has led it to implement a programme that involves all the company’s businesses and key areas.

In addition to the three main categories, the Data Science Awards have awarded honourable mentions to three other outstanding projects:

– Manuel López Martín’s study on technological tools and programming libraries, which facilitate an orderly knowledge of what is currently available.
– The Europa Press agency with EpData, a platform whose objective is to integrate all the opportunities offered by Big Data to improve the quality of information, generate new business models and fight against false news on the Internet in a collaborative way. By June 2018 the platform was capable of delivering 31 million data from 30 different sources.
– Naturgy, for its commitment to digital transformation, through the design of Digital Impact Programs together with the main use cases associated with them, technical and managerial education and training, and the development of a global data strategy to consolidate a data driven culture in the company.

More information about the awards can be found at:  dscienceawards.com

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