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Only 30% of Leadership Positions in Technology are Held by Women
Only 30% of Leadership Positions in Technology are Held by Women
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Women in Data Science, organized by Synergic Partners and Stanford University, analyzed the problems arising from the lack of women in strategic leadership positions within the digital world.

Madrid, February 3, 2017.- Following the success of the first edition of the conference Women in Data Science in November 2015, the prestigious Stanford University decided to open the initiative up to the rest of the world. Two years later, the conference is celebrated in over 75 cities around the world and has been held for the first time in Madrid with the help of Synergic Partners, Spain’s leading company in advanced Data Analytics.

The event brought together students and professionals from the academic and business worlds with the intention of inspiring data scientists, regardless of gender, as well as to promote the presence of women in this field.

Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners and WiDS Ambassador, stated at the opening of the event that, “the fact that women represent only 30% of the work force in the digital world conditions the future of humanity, given that this field is where our tomorrow is being decided.”

Artigas considers that “the move from research to the market in data science is very fast. Technologies are mature and the handicap lies in their application, in the lack of able talent to carry out their implementation, given that it is already an economically accessible science for companies. Big Data no longer requires analytical capability but rather teams that are diverse in both culture and gender.”

At Women in Data Science, various female directors who have worked with Synergic Partners participated in delving into these concepts.

All of this is a perfect example of how Synergic Partners aids companies in accelerating their transformation to the digital world with Big Data. The various speakers agreed that this transformation in any given sector cannot be carried out without simultaneously carrying out a digital transformation.

The use of Big Data allows for a 50% improvement in the success rate of new product launches in the food industry.

The panelists believe that “data is worthless if it does not become valuable information. Data science generates opportunities for both the customer and the business.” With this in mind, the cases of several companies in the food industry were presented, in which the success rate of product launches increases by up to 50% when Big Data is used in decision-making.

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