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Spain is one of the countries with the highest penetration of smartphones in the European Union, 87% of the population has at least one device. Spaniards spent almost 5.5 hours a day online, of which 100 minutes in Social Networks. All over the globe, more than 46K posts are produced on Instagram per minute. Google places the videos to learn new things as one of the most popular categories during the past year on YouTube.

The current context in which we live make us prone to share opinions, hobbies, passions, criticisms … Whether face to face or through the platforms that have also digitized the way in which we communicate. Among the huge amount of information that is recorded daily in social media, we live in a world where infoxication is the order of the day. Fundéu points out that the phenomenon refers to the overload of information difficult to process, the inability to efficiently analyze a high flow of information.

What content is relevant to the user in this continuous bombardment where, in addition, a large part of the content is fleeting? In the same way that users face doubts about whether a content is reliable or not, among so many viral news disseminated by unknown user networks, companies also need to identify what kind of valuable information they can extract from Social Media.

Although there may be doubts about the reliability of certain sources, we can not forget the amount of quality content they can offer us. The Social Listening becomes an essential key to access in real time to this great global focus group that is internet, learning from the open conversations that occur on the net about our brand, business, product, market or even the competition.

Who would not want to know the real perception of a brand through the opinions of its consumers? Investigate the most popular topics and concerns, identify influencers and points of improvement of a product, monitoring the reception that a marketing campaign is having to react in time to possible sources of conflict … People tend to be liars by nature, by What the answers that are offered in a survey may present a certain bias due to how the question was posed or the context in which the study was conducted. Having access to a spontaneous open content, where the user continually leaves us clues about their interests, is something that brands can not ignore.

Being aware now of the importance of Social Listening for organizations, the next step will be to identify what the company needs before launching an active listening in social media and define who will be the recipients of the results within the company. The choice of keywords and their articulation through operators will depend on this, which is fundamental for the extraction of knowledge. If we fail in this phase, it will be very difficult to obtain conclusions that interest the business areas and, above all, we will not be able to get the key learnings extracted from social listening to become insights to action.

The 5 Ws taught in the first year of  journalism (What, Where, Who, When, Why, -How) are more valid than ever when it comes to identifying the priorities of our project and developing the syntax of our search or query. The processing of natural language allows us to process the information that is being generated online, returning only the content relevant to our search terms and metadata extracted from public information in social networks, forums, online media, specialized websites, blogs. Interpreting, categorizing, segmenting and qualifying those data processed by Social Intelligence tools plays an essential role in obtaining a successful result.

The capabilities of artificial intelligence in word processing are increasingly sophisticated; However, the intelligence that the analyst incorporates into the interpretation of these data continues to be decisive in translating them into actionable insights and recommendations for the business, at all levels and from different prisms. A marketing department, which wants to get closer and build customer loyalty by promoting campaigns and concrete actions, does not need the same data as Human Resources, focused on the positioning of the employer brand.

Intuition is the Big Data of humans, a mixture of experiences and knowledge, but we can not base our decisions only on intuitions and the “recipe of all life”. It is essential to find a balance and listen to what our clients say to learn from the “expert” and not lose opportunities that are at our fingertips. In the end, as one of the most important thinkers of the last century said: the challenge is not to see what nobody else has seen, but to think what nobody else has thought about what everyone sees (Schopenhauer).


Published article at Marketing Directo the 3rd of October 

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