Luca Innovation Day

LUCA Innovation Day: AI, science without fiction
LUCA Innovation Day: AI, science without fiction
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The LUCA Innovation Day Event, previously known as Big Data Innovation Day, takes place this year the 4th of October in Madrid.

In recent months we have witnessed an explosion of information about the use of Artificial Intelligence for multiple purposes. We see this technology in the recommendation engines of online sales websites, in virtual assistants, but also actively helping to make industrial processes much more effective.

Also, we see a clear gap between how we imagined the future years ago and how we are actually living right now. It is precisely this that inspires the largest annual event of LUCA, the Telefónica data unit.

“Science without fiction” is the name of the event that will take place on the afternoon of October 4 at the Telefónica District Auditorium, in Madrid, where the progress of science and technology will be presented in a very dynamic and entertaining way.

“Science without fiction” seeks to highlight how Big Data and AI are already a reality applicable in any business thanks to the multisectorial solutions and the LUCA roadmap. In addition, we will deepen the contrast between what we imagined the future would be and what we have actually achieved thanks to science and the favourable human decisions based on it.

More information and registration here.

4th of October 2018

Telefónica Auditorium, Distrito T

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