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The AED (Spanish Association of Directors) Lists Big Data as a Challenge for Spanish Companies in 2017
The AED (Spanish Association of Directors) Lists Big Data as a Challenge for Spanish Companies in 2017
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Carme Artigas affirms that Big Data allows companies to move from reactive to predictive

The Spanish Association of Directors (AED), an organization focused on the personal and collective development of the country’s directors, held a conference entitled Challenges for Directors in 2017 at CaixaFòrum in Barcelona. Carme Artigas, founder and CEO of Synergic Partners, was asked to speak on the growing importance of big data in business strategies.

Artigas began her speech by affirming that directors in 2017 cannot allow themselves the luxury of not knowing what big data is. “Collecting and analyzing information in order to make better decisions, that is big data. Being able to process information of all kinds allows us to create new business opportunities,” stated the CEO of Synergic Partners.

Artigas pointed out that it is a mistake to label big data as a technological term as currently 47% of big data projects are led by CEOs. Artigas pointed out that the intrinsic value of big data is based on three main ideas:

  • Generating new income
  • Reducing risk and fraud
  • Increasing operative efficiency and improving decision-making

“The key lies in the fact that big data is not used for knowing what has happened but rather what will happen. Big data allows companies to move from being reactive to being predictive. It allows the director to determine key questions such as what data we need and how to obtain it,” she continued.

Today’s director, said Carme Artigas, must understand which technologies are going to arise in their organization. Only 10% of a director’s time is dedicated to strategy and innovation and 7% to team development. The director of the future must have creative knowledge skills and the skills to analyze and understand data and must also possess emotional intelligence. Without them, the gap between the opportunities offered by new technologies and the director’s ability to implement them will only become greater.

After her speech, Artigas participated in a discussion with Antonio Ibáñez, partner at Deloitte Digital, Ramón Ollé, founding partner at Jazz and Casimir de Dalmau, founder and CEO of GEA Barcelona European Consulting.

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