Synergic Partners & Columbia University

The firm will oversee the final project of six groups of students in the Data Science master’s program which will, for the first time, work with real data in order to offer real solutions to a current problem

Synergic Partners is the only European company to participate in the mentoring of the final master’s project of the New York University

Synergic Partners will oversee the Capstone projects of six groups of students at Columbia University in New York. Over the next three months, the big data and data science consultancy will guide the data science master’s students at the American university as the carry out their final projects.

Synergic Partners, the only European company to participate in this advising program, will allow the students to work with real data in order to find a solution to an actual problem. The objective of the initiative is to give them a vision as well as tangible experience as to how to develop projects within the big data sector and to give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the real world of labor.

The students will have to demonstrate their analytical ability as well as their knowledge of the use and application of various tools and languages to collect, manage and analyze large quantities of data.

Columbia University has chosen the six use cases of the new proposals by Synergic Partners, including economic, political, social, cinematic and musical environments, among others.

The proposed challenges are:

• Movies Recommendation System: Recomendación de películas basada en gustos y comportamientos de interacción con el sistema.
• Discovering what songs talk about: Recomendación de canciones, basado en el contenido de la letra de las mismas, así como en autor y género.
• Influence of politicians on areas of USA: Estudio de hábito de voto en EE.UU según área geográfica.
• Brexit Twitter Analysis: Análisis de opiniones antes y después del Brexit. Impacto social
• Analysis and prediction of loss of separation: Gestión del espacio aereo y predicción de colisiones
• Churn Prediction in Brasil: Analisis predictivo de fuga de clientes en una Telco en Brasil

This initiative began in 2015, when Synergic Partners started its international expansion with a collaboration agreement with Columbia University, making it the first non-American company to become part of the New York university as an Industry Affiliate.

Since then, Synergic Partners, through professionals with experience and with a vast analytical knowledge of big data, has overseen four projects. These related to real, practical cases, related to business (business improvement is implicit in the challenge) and, in addition, could be carried out within the time limit of two months.

Synergic Partners is a management and technology consultancy firm committed to delivering solutions and services that enable companies leverage the Business Value of their enterprise Data. We help our clients to gain competitive advantages in areas such as Customer Insight, Fraud prevention, Risk and Compliance, Financial governance or Mergers and Acquisitions, among other business challenges.


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