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Carme Artigas Inspires Businesswomen in the Technology Sector
Carme Artigas Inspires Businesswomen in the Technology Sector
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Carme Artigas, CEO and founder of Synergic Partners participated in the event Women’s Age, an initiative of Telefonica Open Future whose objective is to promote the presence of businesswomen in the world of technology. Currently, less than 20% of technology start-ups are founded by women or have women on their board of directors.

At the meeting, held Friday, November 18th in Madrid, Carme Artigas talked about her experience, stating, “In Spain, starting a business is difficult, for both men and women, but when I decided to start my business, I realized that I had always been an entrepreneur.” Artigas shared the beginnings of her company as well as the fact that it now has 120 employees at a time when “there is a generational change in the reconciliation of the working and the professional.”

Carme Artigas, who shared the stage with Verónica Pascual (ASTI), Isabel Raventós (Atomis Media) and Emma Fernández (Kleinrock Advisors), affirmed that “starting a business is not just about inspiration or self-employment but also about finding a viable project, and data management was my project.”

Among the obstacles to understanding the low representation of female leadership in technological projects, a few stand out, including the low number of women who choose to study technology at a higher level and the fact that many of them do not consider the idea of becoming entrepreneurs because they continue to view the field as one linked primarily to men.

The objective of Women’s Age is precisely to change this dynamic and to offer support and visibility to projects led by women through the creation of references, networking and inspiring women to in turn inspire others.

In the words of Gary Stewart, Director at Wayra UK (start-up incubator), “We want more women in the companies that we support. We want all talented women to be able to grow and to not be kept from doing so by a lack of support.”

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