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From Sensorization to Industry 4.0
  • Maria Muñoz
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The industrial sector is currently immersed in a process of change that makes evident the need to evolve its business model towards a less traditional business model. In recent years, digital technologies have appeared that can help the industry adapt to market demands. The incorporation of these technologies in industrial processes becomes key to remain relevant within the sector. Thanks to the integration of these technologies, focused on IoT and the analysis and collection of information on the own instrumentation of the machines, the industrial sector will be enriched with the appearance of a huge amount of information not contemplated nor analyzed to date. This analysis will significantly increase the knowledge that companies have on their own processes and their environment,…

Internet of Things: In my fridge?
  • Pedro de Gregorio
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The Internet of Things is a concept that is often tied to a vision of the future, mid- and long-term horizons, reflections on what can be achieved and an infinity of possibilities that can open up in a moment that never quite seems to arrive. There are many high expectations attached to this concept, leading, inevitably, to skepticism on the part of those who do not see the returns that they had in mind or, worse yet, of those who were never excited about it and gave up with a simple “Why would I want the internet in my fridge?”. When a concept or a paradigm such as the Internet of Things appears on the scene, it is difficult to…

IoT: When Material Acquires Intelligence
  • David_Morillas
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The term IoT refers to the Internet of Things, a sort of interaction between the digital world and the physical one, a platform for connecting people, objects and environments. In the environment of IoT, the moment in which something connects, it becomes capable of accessing the power of computation of the cloud or, in other words, it becomes intelligent. The implementation of this technology and the trend towards automatization is unstoppable; each second an average of 127 things establishes a connection with the internet for the first time. All of this is possible thanks to what Moore’s law has not been able to accomplish, which says that as electronic computation grows in potential, it decreases in price exponentially. These improvements…

Moving towards the creation of “the web for machines”
  • Synergic Partners
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The internet has now long been established as the global standard of communication and the main point of human interaction. Mobile phones and the connectivity of mobile networks, as well as the existence of standards eliminating any and all barriers to entry, have largely made this possible. Big data and new analytical capabilities emerging from this new paradigm have appeared as a part of this environment, and data itself has become the main asset of today’s top companies. With the first transformation over, the technology market is today attempting to meet a new challenge: that of the Internet of Things and the resulting analysis of data. However, in this case, the market is coming up against various barriers to entry…

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