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Consumer Insights, telling stories beyond the numbers
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“A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs had clear from the dawn of his career what it meant to find a good insight. On the other hand, on the side of the rest of the mortals, ordinary women and men have had to settle for finding clues that allow them to understand the perceptions and motivations that condition the behaviour of the rest of their fellow human beings, thus trying to extract the maximum performance of their economic activities. Conspecifics with the suit of clients, consumers, visitors, patients, users, students ... There are many nouns to define the relationship that is generated with people in different areas. What they…

Chief Data Officer: What can he do for your company?
  • Antonio Pita
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Data economy, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things are some of the topics that are increasingly featured on the steering committee. But not only these words appears in the top management, but also new figures. This is the case of the Chief Data Officer, a newly created profile in many companies. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the data of a company at the highest level, both from a technological and business point of view, including security. It is who helps managing the data as a corporate asset; among its functions include the strategy for data exploitation and data governance; that is, defining security policies in the management and storage of data, privacy policies,…

With the aim of promoting the analytical talent of Spain, Synergic Partners and Telefónica organize the third edition of the Data Science Awards Spain
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· Candidates can register in three categories: Best Data Scientist in Spain, Best Business Initiative in Big Data and Best Journalistic Data Work. · Participants in the category of Best Data Analyst will face challenges such as an Alzheimer's prediction or an image recognition to 'find Wally'. The third call of the Data Science Awards Spain 2018 has been opened, the contest which aims to recognize Big Data professionals and the best business and data journalism initiatives in this field, thus promoting the analytical talent in Spain. In the current contest, there are three categories to register to: best Data Scientist, best Big Data Business Initiative and best Journalistic Data Work, with open registration from today until the 15th of…

Repsol, Bankia and Merck: the use of Big Data is an unstoppable reality
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Education, integration of new technologies and attraction of talent are some of the keys and challenges highlighted by women directives of Repsol, Bankia and Merck to adapt their organizations to the digital transformation. Belén Ruiz, Project Manager Data Management & Analytics at Repsol; Diana Díaz, Director of Analytical Systems and Big Data at Bankia; and Paz Alvarado, Director of Digital Development and Innovation at Grupo Merck, were in charge of materializing the Big Data maturity point were companies are in diverse sectors such as industry, banking and pharmaceuticals. During the debate, in addition to sharing their personal experience, three main topics were discussed: the importance of data in business and the use of new technologies, how the business strategy adapts…

Women and Data Science have a common denominator; disruption.
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What role do women have future world? Over the years, women have been acquiring more visibility in society and their professional role has been reinforced in technical disciplines, but nowadays it is necessary to reach a space of influence to achieve a real impact. According to the INE´s data, in Spain in the last scholar year, 50% of students enrolled in university degrees were women. But few women thought when being children that they would study a STEM discipline (Statistics, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics). In this case, the enrollment percentages decrease until reaching only 24% of students enrolled in any Engineering and less than 15% in some career of IT. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the presence of women…

Big Data: future challenges
  • Synergic Partners
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The path to success is not something simple, it always requires a level of work and effort to achieve it. Big Data technologies, presenting a great potential both for the present and in the future, are in constant transformation and expansion. The evolution of Big data and the level of adoption of these technologies by companies (depending on their level of maturity Big Data), makes us meet with different challenges in the medium term. To avoid limitations in this regard we must study some points that may imply a challenge in the future. Shortage of Big data experts Interestingly, one of the biggest difficulties that those companies that already develop Big Data initiatives is to find professionals with enoughtraining and…

Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Carlos Lorenzo
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The customization of mass production is the catalyst for change that, among other things, originates industry 4.0 Lot has passed since the steam engine changed the course of our civilization history with the mechanization of production in the First Industrial Revolution. Scientific advances at the end of the 19th century allowed the Second Industrial Revolution with the discovery of electricity that would be the basis for mass production, followed by a Third Industrial Revolution in the 20th century thanks to the power of information technology and electronics in the automation of production processes. Today, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is brewing, product of the merge of a series of exponential technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things…

From Sensorization to Industry 4.0
  • Maria Muñoz
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The industrial sector is currently immersed in a process of change that makes evident the need to evolve its business model towards a less traditional business model. In recent years, digital technologies have appeared that can help the industry adapt to market demands. The incorporation of these technologies in industrial processes becomes key to remain relevant within the sector. Thanks to the integration of these technologies, focused on IoT and the analysis and collection of information on the own instrumentation of the machines, the industrial sector will be enriched with the appearance of a huge amount of information not contemplated nor analyzed to date. This analysis will significantly increase the knowledge that companies have on their own processes and their environment,…

The Deep Learning Hype
  • Alfonso Ibañez
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In the era of Big Data a day does not pass by without us reading some news about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, never knowing what they refer to. The "experts" of the sector mix and exchange the terms with all naturalness, and only contribute to their hype. The simple fact of mentioning them catches the attention of investors and convinces them that these techniques have an almost magical power. Machine Learning is a scientific discipline coming from Artificial Intelligence, that studies how systems can be programmed to learn and improve with experience without human intervention. To address this problem, new paradigms emerge daily that allow the discovery of knowledge based on specific data deriving from solid statistical…

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 PUBLISHED INTERVIEW BY EL DIARIO LAS PALMAS | LA PROVINCIA, SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 3 2017 Adrian Suárez Armas, from the municipality Arucas of Gran Canary and 'Team Leader' at the technological consultancy firm Synergic Partners, has 27 years and billions of data to offer through one of the leading companies in Europe specializing in Big Data. The future that is almost here and by which companies’ approach with surgical precision to the needs of consumers. Industrial Engineer specialized in Construction Mechanics by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Suárez Armas faces a field so avant-garde that it goes ahead of the European Union's own regulation and demands the necessity of an ethics in the treatment of data that does not…

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