Business Cases

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As part of its strategy, the Spanish distribution company in question was following a new business information management model and needed an architecture that would support master data management.

Evo Banco

EVO Banco currently has a detailed strategic technological plan, conforming with different lines of action that meet their short-term, mid-term and long-term business needs. This plan, supported by a big data infrastructure and new advanced analytical capacities, will launch EVO into a position of leadership in digital banking in Spain.

BC Cajamar

Cajamar, together with Synergic Partners, faced the challenge of defining a big data/data science strategy that would provide the bank with its own technological architecture and analytical and organizational capabilities, while also allowing them to evolve with new and more disruptive tools and approaches.

Iberia Express

Iberia Express, together with Synergic Partners, faced the challenge of achieving a unified vision of its clients from the analysis of its multiple interactions through various channels: the Web, social networks, etc. All of that was combined with the objective of being able to trigger and design campaigns and products in a personalized way in order to be able to improve the efficiency of its interactions with the client, to therefore improve the click-to-sell conversion ratio, and, ultimately, result in client satisfaction and retention.


A company in the Tourism and Business sector started the Tourist Intelligence Center, which allows a series of tourist indicators. The analysis previously only incorporated quantitative data, and, in addition, the visualization solution was visually unattractive, difficult to manage and maintain, and did not allow for the publication of or interaction with the dashboard.

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