Data scientists: Profiles behind Big Data
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Antonio Pita, Director of Operations and Solutions at Synergic Partners, was recently interviewed by Decideo, a digital newspaper that gathers all the news about business intelligence, Big Data & Analytics. Antonio tackles three main questions: Why is not Big Data exclusive to large companies? What are the main profiles that are needed in the world of data? And what future holds for the profession of the data scientist?   Why is not the treatment of information exclusive to large companies? Talking about  big companies, the world of big data has been maturing by sectors. Antonio Pita points out that now they are taking a lot of pace, especially industrial companies, "this is due to all sensors and the Internet of…

High impact technologies: artificial intelligence in our daily life
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Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, although it is far from the robots we see in Hollywood movies. Currently, large companies have joined the challenge of integrating, in one way or another, artificial intelligence within their own business models. The purposes are vary widely: from improving the customer experience; through bots Like Siri (Apple), Cortana (Windows), Alexa (Amazon) or Aura (Telefonica), but also to improve processes and optimize resources, such as detecting anomalies in machines or a logistics chain, detecting fraud, etc. Actually, we talk about the application of Machine Learning techniques for these purposes, although it is easier to recognize it by its generalization "Artificial Intelligence", or we could include it within the term "Machine Intelligence". Many of…

Antonio Vidal, winner of the Data Science Awards Spain 2017 reveals to us how he became the best Data Scientist of Spain
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Registration for the third edition of the Data Science Awards Spain 2018 is now open and we did not want to miss the opportunity to interview Antonio Vidal, winner of the previous edition: DSA 2017. Antonio is passionate about data and didn’t hesitate to sign up for these awards, although he wasn’t able to compete for the first edition because lack of time, he tells us how after being persistent, he won the second edition. How did you find out about DSA 2017? It's a competition that I've known since its inception. I first came to know about the DS Awards in 2016 through social media, and I responded to the announcement for registration, although I was not able to…

Carme Artigas, a leading Big Data influencer
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Carme Artigas, Co-Founder & CEO at Synergic Partners, was recently interviewed by Onalytica, an Influencer Relationship Management software, as named top 5 female Big Data Influencer in 2017 by this platform. The #influencerinterviews section addressed different questions in which Carme showed the flip side of Big Data, not so much about its impact on the business and society, but focused on who speaks and it is interested in this discipline, as well as what it is expected of Big Data in the short term.   How did you get to become an expert in Big Data? It is actually a very interesting story. Back in 2001 I had the opportunity to assist at a conference in Barcelona (Spain) where Bill…

Chief Data Officer: What can he do for your company?
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Data economy, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things are some of the topics that are increasingly featured on the steering committee. But not only these words appears in the top management, but also new figures. This is the case of the Chief Data Officer, a newly created profile in many companies. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the data of a company at the highest level, both from a technological and business point of view, including security. It is who helps managing the data as a corporate asset; among its functions include the strategy for data exploitation and data governance; that is, defining security policies in the management and storage of data, privacy policies,…

With the aim of promoting the analytical talent of Spain, Synergic Partners and Telefónica organize the third edition of the Data Science Awards Spain
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· Candidates can register in three categories: Best Data Scientist in Spain, Best Business Initiative in Big Data and Best Journalistic Data Work. · Participants in the category of Best Data Analyst will face challenges such as an Alzheimer's prediction or an image recognition to 'find Wally'. The third call of the Data Science Awards Spain 2018 has been opened, the contest which aims to recognize Big Data professionals and the best business and data journalism initiatives in this field, thus promoting the analytical talent in Spain. In the current contest, there are three categories to register to: best Data Scientist, best Big Data Business Initiative and best Journalistic Data Work, with open registration from today until the 15th of…

Repsol, Bankia and Merck: the use of Big Data is an unstoppable reality
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Education, integration of new technologies and attraction of talent are some of the keys and challenges highlighted by women directives of Repsol, Bankia and Merck to adapt their organizations to the digital transformation. Belén Ruiz, Project Manager Data Management & Analytics at Repsol; Diana Díaz, Director of Analytical Systems and Big Data at Bankia; and Paz Alvarado, Director of Digital Development and Innovation at Grupo Merck, were in charge of materializing the Big Data maturity point were companies are in diverse sectors such as industry, banking and pharmaceuticals. During the debate, in addition to sharing their personal experience, three main topics were discussed: the importance of data in business and the use of new technologies, how the business strategy adapts…

The acceleration of the insurance sector in Big Data
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Of all the applications of Big Data, insurance companies demand to exploit the value of their data to enhance their relationship with their customer, from the acquisition to loyalty. In the insurance sector, there are few moments of interaction with the customer thereby few occasions to obtain information from them. Therefore, offering a personalized and agile service has become crucial. For this, data is fundamental as a raw material for the business intelligence, which far from being a complementary tool, as is seen in other sectors, is an asset to be exploited in a highly competitive and customer-focused sector. Today practically all companies in the sector are hiring experts to drive the digital transformation process, many of them lacking clear…

The trend of Big Data: How does it affect the Telecommunications sector?
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Although for the general public Big Data is still a new concept, in the business world Big Data has long ceased to be a novelty. In fact, many companies have already started to collect the first results derived from the decision-making based purely on data. As in any other technological disruption, there are certain sectors that are always within the "early adopters" such as banking and telecommunications. This is due to the fact that they are sectors with great competition, in which no actor can afford to be outdated and with a large financial muscle, which allows them to invest heavily in technology. In the case of Big Data, in addition to these same reasons, the banking and telecommunications sector…

Women and Data Science have a common denominator; disruption.
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What role do women have future world? Over the years, women have been acquiring more visibility in society and their professional role has been reinforced in technical disciplines, but nowadays it is necessary to reach a space of influence to achieve a real impact. According to the INE´s data, in Spain in the last scholar year, 50% of students enrolled in university degrees were women. But few women thought when being children that they would study a STEM discipline (Statistics, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics). In this case, the enrollment percentages decrease until reaching only 24% of students enrolled in any Engineering and less than 15% in some career of IT. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the presence of women…

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