Deep Learning from the basis
  • Pablo Navarro
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As mentioned in the previous article “Deep Learning, only for professional pilots”: there is no point in buying a Ferrari with a year´s license. However, we want to evoke in favor of Deep Learning and we thought it's important to start somewhere. We want to start with a purely informative article, for those to whom Deep Learning sounds like a science fiction or a horror movie. We do not pretend you end up using neural network models on a daily basis, we are just interested that you have the base to be able to make the leap into the world of Deep Learning. Starting from the basics, it is convenient to ask ourselves the question: What is Deep Learning? The…

Consumer Insights, telling stories beyond the numbers
  • Almudena Bonet
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“A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Steve Jobs had clear from the dawn of his career what it meant to find a good insight. On the other hand, on the side of the rest of the mortals, ordinary women and men have had to settle for finding clues that allow them to understand the perceptions and motivations that condition the behaviour of the rest of their fellow human beings, thus trying to extract the maximum performance of their economic activities. Conspecifics with the suit of clients, consumers, visitors, patients, users, students ... There are many nouns to define the relationship that is generated with people in different areas. What they…

Deep Learning, only for professional pilots
  • Antonio Pita
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Let’s start with a simple question ; if knowing how to cook does not make you a chef, nor knowing how to drive makes you a pilot, then, do you think that working with data is enough for someone to become a Data Scientist? Deep Learning is the latest fashion buzzword in Data Science, driven by the proliferation of libraries (Tensorflow, Caffe, Keras, H2O, ...) that put these powerful algorithms at our fingertips to train Deep Learning models. We can understand Deep Learning with the following analogy to avoid falling into the black hole of illusion that these models represent: Deep Learning is elegant and powerful like a Ferrari. But what happens when we leave a Ferrari to a 17-year-old…

Don’t give up on Human Intelligence while adopting the Artificial one
  • Álvaro Alegría
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Artificial intelligence is here to stay, that's for sure. Just look at the pink (and not that pink) pages of any newspaper or take a quick look at Linkedin's feed to see that the "IA" is the last cry in the business world. And the truth is that there are plenty of reasons for this. The capabilities offered by this new technology allow not only to overcome barriers that were previously insurmountable for traditional systems, but also to unlock fields that were previously reserved for science fiction films. However, this rage for artificial intelligence has revealed a fact that is, to say the least, surprising: When it comes to making decisions, companies seem to rely more on machines than on…

Semi-Supervised Learning… the great unknown
  • Alfonso Ibañez
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In recent years much progress has been made in solving complex problems thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms. These algorithms need a large volume of information to discover and learn, continuously, hidden patterns in the data. However, this is not the way the human mind learns. A person does not require millions of data and multiple iterations to solve a particular problem, since all they need are some examples to solve it. In this context, techniques such as semi-supervised learning or semi-supervised learning are playing an important role nowadays. Within Machine Learning techniques, we can find several well-differentiated approaches (see Figure 1). The supervised algorithms deal with labeled data sets and their objective is to construct predictive models, either classification (estimating…

Data scientists: Profiles behind Big Data
  • Synergic Partners
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Antonio Pita, Director of Operations and Solutions at Synergic Partners, was recently interviewed by Decideo, a digital newspaper that gathers all the news about business intelligence, Big Data & Analytics. Antonio tackles three main questions: Why is not Big Data exclusive to large companies? What are the main profiles that are needed in the world of data? And what future holds for the profession of the data scientist?   Why is not the treatment of information exclusive to large companies? Talking about  big companies, the world of big data has been maturing by sectors. Antonio Pita points out that now they are taking a lot of pace, especially industrial companies, "this is due to all sensors and the Internet of…

High impact technologies: artificial intelligence in our daily life
  • Carlos Lorenzo
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Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction, although it is far from the robots we see in Hollywood movies. Currently, large companies have joined the challenge of integrating, in one way or another, artificial intelligence within their own business models. The purposes are vary widely: from improving the customer experience; through bots Like Siri (Apple), Cortana (Windows), Alexa (Amazon) or Aura (Telefonica), but also to improve processes and optimize resources, such as detecting anomalies in machines or a logistics chain, detecting fraud, etc. Actually, we talk about the application of Machine Learning techniques for these purposes, although it is easier to recognize it by its generalization "Artificial Intelligence", or we could include it within the term "Machine Intelligence". Many of…

Antonio Vidal, winner of the Data Science Awards Spain 2017 reveals to us how he became the best Data Scientist of Spain
  • Synergic Partners
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Registration for the third edition of the Data Science Awards Spain 2018 is now open and we did not want to miss the opportunity to interview Antonio Vidal, winner of the previous edition: DSA 2017. Antonio is passionate about data and didn’t hesitate to sign up for these awards, although he wasn’t able to compete for the first edition because lack of time, he tells us how after being persistent, he won the second edition. How did you find out about DSA 2017? It's a competition that I've known since its inception. I first came to know about the DS Awards in 2016 through social media, and I responded to the announcement for registration, although I was not able to…

Carme Artigas, a leading Big Data influencer
  • Synergic Partners
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Carme Artigas, Co-Founder & CEO at Synergic Partners, was recently interviewed by Onalytica, an Influencer Relationship Management software, as named top 5 female Big Data Influencer in 2017 by this platform. The #influencerinterviews section addressed different questions in which Carme showed the flip side of Big Data, not so much about its impact on the business and society, but focused on who speaks and it is interested in this discipline, as well as what it is expected of Big Data in the short term.   How did you get to become an expert in Big Data? It is actually a very interesting story. Back in 2001 I had the opportunity to assist at a conference in Barcelona (Spain) where Bill…

Chief Data Officer: What can he do for your company?
  • Antonio Pita
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Data economy, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things are some of the topics that are increasingly featured on the steering committee. But not only these words appears in the top management, but also new figures. This is the case of the Chief Data Officer, a newly created profile in many companies. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the data of a company at the highest level, both from a technological and business point of view, including security. It is who helps managing the data as a corporate asset; among its functions include the strategy for data exploitation and data governance; that is, defining security policies in the management and storage of data, privacy policies,…

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