Big Data en el MWC 2018

Big Data stars in the Mobile World Congress 2018
Big Data stars in the Mobile World Congress 2018
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During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, gave a talk to Congressmen and officials from Brazil about the benefits of Big Data for the Public sector.

The Mobile World Congress, held from February 26th to March 1st, 2018 in Barcelona, is the world’s largest mobile event and the most important technology fair in Spain, presented as a concatenation of open conferences led by directors and influencers of the sector. In this way, the presence of technological and digital companies in this international event is so important at business level.

In this edition, the technologies related to Big Data have been the protagonists of the event as more applied realities and practices were presented compared to other years, which were more focused on novelties for consumers. Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things stood out in the MWC 2018. The meeting showed experiences on how these technologies are being applied in the industry. Examples of secure connectivity solutions such as 4G bubbles or the use of Big Data in waste management processes in large cities were also shown.

The borders between the physical world and the digital one are now blurred and the companies of manufacture of technologies strengthen strategic alliances with operators to offer the first devices of Artificial Intelligence at home and in the businesses, as Telefónica did with the launching of its virtual assistant: Aura. Data technologies extend their power to all areas and their easy access through mobile is consolidated.

In this context, Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners, had the opportunity to share insights with Brazilian congressmen and officials in the agora of the Telefonica Stand at the event, where she offered her vision of the paradigm shift that Big Data and the Artificial Intelligence suppose, not only for companies but for Public Administrations, who now have the difficult task of responding to the new demands of citizens, now completely digital.


Likewise, Artigas affirmed that we are in the middle of a transition to the Data economy where the data is the raw material and the main driver of commercial activities. In this line, she argued how the Public Administration should prepare and transform itself into an intelligent Public Administration, where the use the data has to enhance the services and quality of life of citizens. “The facilitators of this change should be technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT and robotics” defended Artigas, who also mentioned the main benefits that intelligent cities would have, among which she highlighted: greater transparency, efficiency, productivity, security, economic development, personalized services in education and health, among many others.

Finally, she offered applications in the use of data analytics for those smart cities under construction, among which we can mention: real-time optimization of resources in the emergency services in a hospital, a Touristic Intelligence Center capable of managing the needs not only of the tourist but also of the administrations and the resident, the prediction of the air quality in a big city, training with new abilities for citizen for the creation of new jobs, Crime prediction, among many other cases already developed and implemented by Synergic Partners.

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