Big Data en voluntariado corporativo

Using Big Data to Measure the Impact of Corporate Volunteer Programs
Using Big Data to Measure the Impact of Corporate Volunteer Programs
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Synergic Partners participated in the European Conference on Corporate Volunteering 2017 held by the IAVE (International Association for Volunteer Effort) at the Telefónica Foundation Auditorium in Madrid. The event featured 140 volunteer directors from 35 companies from all over Europe with the objective of generating reflection and acting as a source of inspiration and knowledge of the trends and challenges of corporate volunteering nowadays.

Carme Artigas, CEO and founder of Synergic Partners, took part in the session titled, “New Perspectives on Measuring Impact,” together with Jorge Mayer, Sustainability Expert, EDP and Sarah Ulrich, Social Impact Consultant.

During her speech, Artigas pointed out the important shift caused by the use of Big Data in measuring the impact of volunteer initiatives. “Big Data allows us to pass from a reactive vision to a predictive one. We are capable of estimating where, how, when and why a given initiative will have a greater impact in one context than in another,” she explained.

“Therefore, the use of Big Data means moving from measuring by KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to using what we call SVI (Social Value Indicator). Although the objective is no longer business but rather of a humanitarian nature, we still need data to guarantee effectiveness,” stated Carme Artigas.

In this sense, the founder of Synergic Partners also emphasized the enormous potential of Big Data for the attainment of global humanitarian objectives. “New technologies must serve to better the quality lives of people,” she concluded.

The conference, held May 8th and 9th, concluded with a proposal of ten initiatives to implement a digital volunteering plan, including the elimination of the digital breach, online security development, and the gamification and use of a platform for managing a corporate volunteering program, among others.

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