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Big Data in the luxury sector: The new pearl
  • Paula Alamán
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  • Big Data . Experiencia de Cliente . experiencias exclusivas . innovación . lujo . personalización . Sector Lujo . servicios inteligentes . Transformación digital .

The luxury sector has always been one of the main drivers of innovation because of its natural conception and its innate offer of exclusive products, however, when we speak about adoption of new technologies there are other sectors leading the initiatives in digital transformation. In a changing environment in which technology is favouring the generation of new business models, changing how products and services are consumed, how the user interacts with the brand and even the impacts that affect purchase decisions, luxury must position itself to continue leading in terms of innovation as it has done so far. But not only the environment evolves, also the client of the luxury sector is changing and diversifying. The brands of the sector…

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