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“We must familiarize all employees with data analytics” highlighted Carla Martínez in the Big Data & AI Innovation Cycle
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Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners, highlighted how projects can be applied in People Analytics in organizations, during the Innovation Cycle organized by RRHH Digital RRHH Digital, an online media specialist in the Human Resources sector, held on February 22 the "Innovation Cycle on Big Data and AI", aimed at labor relations professionals who want to keep up with the changes on innovation and digitalization in the organizations. Speakers from different organizations contributed their point of view, they were: Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners; Miguel Angel Pascual, Digital & Comms Leader at Pernod Ricard; José Parra Moyano, Co-founder of Lionstep; Lourdes Molinero, Partner Director of Íncipy and as moderator Javier Alió,…

An architecture to tweet them all
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The definition of the project was simple: find out what it is that people think of our client on Twitter, both the good and the bad, and be able to visualize it all on a dashboard. Or at least as much as possible. As soon as we find out the range, we try to get as close as we can. Read from Twitter, analyze what is said and process it. Three modules. The architecture didn’t seem complicated, but we had no idea what was ahead. I have always been taught that a good engineer finds a problem, suggests a solution and chooses a series of tools to carry it out. Problem, solution and tools. Always. Well… not always. In this…

Big Data, the Key to Business Value
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We live in a time in which digital transformation is a part of every forum on business. In these forums, an idea is spreading that the digital will allow brands to interact directly with consumers, to perceive the perception of the brand, and to understand how their products are being used. Therefore, the digital environment will allow them to better understand the consumer and will serve as an anchor for customer loyalty in both the medium term and the long term. Companies have already realized how disruptive this new context has become, and the large investments made to have a presence in digital channels can be clearly seen, whether it be in owned media (space belonging to the brand itself),…

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