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Don’t give up on Human Intelligence while adopting the Artificial one
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • AI . Artificial Intelligence . Big Data . Data Science . Inteligencia Artificial . Inteligencia Humana .

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, that's for sure. Just look at the pink (and not that pink) pages of any newspaper or take a quick look at Linkedin's feed to see that the "IA" is the last cry in the business world. And the truth is that there are plenty of reasons for this. The capabilities offered by this new technology allow not only to overcome barriers that were previously insurmountable for traditional systems, but also to unlock fields that were previously reserved for science fiction films. However, this rage for artificial intelligence has revealed a fact that is, to say the least, surprising: When it comes to making decisions, companies seem to rely more on machines than on…

The trend of Big Data: How does it affect the Telecommunications sector?
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Big Data . innovación . Sector Telco . Telecomunicaciones . Transformación digital .

Although for the general public Big Data is still a new concept, in the business world Big Data has long ceased to be a novelty. In fact, many companies have already started to collect the first results derived from the decision-making based purely on data. As in any other technological disruption, there are certain sectors that are always within the "early adopters" such as banking and telecommunications. This is due to the fact that they are sectors with great competition, in which no actor can afford to be outdated and with a large financial muscle, which allows them to invest heavily in technology. In the case of Big Data, in addition to these same reasons, the banking and telecommunications sector…

Lawyer, you’re late for Big Data
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Abogacía . Abogado . Big Data . Data Science . Sector Jurídico . Transformación digital .

A law firm, it's a company. This statement, which seems obvious, is not really true as many law firms and individual lawyers are reluctant to understand their firms as companies and consequently, do not apply the business trends that are applied in the other sectors. A very clear example is the use of social networks. In this sense, we can observe that while in most sectors of activity the use of social networks is widespread, in the legal sector this is not the case and even more, there are those who still discuss the convenience, necessity or benefits of a lawyer being present in the virtual environment. In case it sounds exaggerated, here is a significant fact. A ranking of…

New Opportunities Generated by the End of Roaming
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Big Data . Data Monetization . Data Value . Roaming .

On June 15th 2017, the elimination of roaming surcharges went into effect as established by the European Parliament and Council, decided November 25th 2015 by EU Regulation 2015/2120. This means that from this day forward, users of mobile telephone and internet services will not have to pay any additional costs for said services within the EU, known as RLAH (Roam Like At Home). From the users' point of view, it's all advantages. However, from the operators' point of view this measure implicates a huge loss in revenue. In the "International Roaming Benchmark Data Report” released by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the average monthly cost for the user (including pre-pay and postpaid users) is detailed. For…


If I ask about the best way to manage the storeroom of a neighborhood shop, I am sure that we would quickly reach the conclusion that there are certain aspects that are absolutely necessary, such as, for example, that it be organized (in order to find the product when a customer asks for it), that it have an inventory (in order to know how many units I have, which models, their conditions and whether or not they are close to expiration) and that it be locked (in order to avoid someone coming and stealing the merchandise or simply destroying everything so that we cannot sell it). If, instead of the neighborhood shop, we were to discuss Amazon, no one would…

When Michelangelo Invented Big Data
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Big Data . digital transformation .

They say that when Michelangelo was asked about his impressive technique in sculpting the Pietà in just one piece, his answer was: “The sculpture was already inside of the stone. I merely eliminated the extra marble.”   It’s impossible to deny that, from a simplistic point of view, sculpting is getting rid of the extra material. However, something must influence the artist, because, if most of us were handed a block of marble, a hammer and a chisel, we would most likely not be able to sculpt anything recognizable.   And it is the creativity of the artist, more than the handling of their tools, that is the added value that they bring to what they do and what makes…

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