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Social Listening, meet your client in Real Time
  • Almudena Bonet
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Spain is one of the countries with the highest penetration of smartphones in the European Union, 87% of the population has at least one device. Spaniards spent almost 5.5 hours a day online, of which 100 minutes in Social Networks. All over the globe, more than 46K posts are produced on Instagram per minute. Google places the videos to learn new things as one of the most popular categories during the past year on YouTube. The current context in which we live make us prone to share opinions, hobbies, passions, criticisms ... Whether face to face or through the platforms that have also digitized the way in which we communicate. Among the huge amount of information that is recorded daily…

What is Blockchain and a Smart Contract?
  • Diego Martín
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Blockchain is the new technology for the treatment of data that everyone speaks about, but what is blockchain? Blockchain is a chain of blocks in which we have stored information, and where to connect the blocks, we use a hash (the hash is an output of a fixed size, which normally works through a text string and gives the same result with the same input, in ethereum is generated with the function KECCAK-256) that we generate and that allows us to connect them to each other. In this way if someone wanted to maliciously modify a block, they should modify the entire text string from that point, with a computational cost so high that prevents any attack. Therefore blockchain serves…

People Analytics Fundamentals
  • Synergic Partners
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Registration for the People Analytics course given by Synergic Partners with RRHH Digital on November 14th is now open.   "Managing talent through data to make the most effective decisions". In recent years, data management has broken into all sectors, including the people and talent management sector, emerging new profiles such as People Analytics. Therefore it is a success factor within the HR area of any type of organization, to seek for the development of new skills, abilities and knowledge of these profiles to adapt to the change. For this reason, RRHH Digital and Synergic Partners are launching the 'People Analytics Fundamentals' course on November, 14th in Madrid to train HR professionals and transmit the knowledge that will help transform…

Deep Learning from the basis
  • Pablo Navarro
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As mentioned in the previous article “Deep Learning, only for professional pilots”: there is no point in buying a Ferrari with a year´s license. However, we want to evoke in favor of Deep Learning and we thought it's important to start somewhere. We want to start with a purely informative article, for those to whom Deep Learning sounds like a science fiction or a horror movie. We do not pretend you end up using neural network models on a daily basis, we are just interested that you have the base to be able to make the leap into the world of Deep Learning. Starting from the basics, it is convenient to ask ourselves the question: What is Deep Learning? The…

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