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Semi-Supervised Learning… the great unknown
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In recent years much progress has been made in solving complex problems thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms. These algorithms need a large volume of information to discover and learn, continuously, hidden patterns in the data. However, this is not the way the human mind learns. A person does not require millions of data and multiple iterations to solve a particular problem, since all they need are some examples to solve it. In this context, techniques such as semi-supervised learning or semi-supervised learning are playing an important role nowadays. Within Machine Learning techniques, we can find several well-differentiated approaches (see Figure 1). The supervised algorithms deal with labeled data sets and their objective is to construct predictive models, either classification (estimating…


Participants in the category of best Data Scientist face one of the four proposed challenges, in which the number of candidates who have opted to predict the state prior to Alzheimer's with non-invasive techniques stands out. The Data Science Awards Spain 2018, the first prizes of Spain that recognize the best initiatives in the field of Big Data, are becoming the reference awards in the world of Big Data and Data Science in Spain. The success of this year’s edition is due to the high number of participants that exceeds 60% compared to the previous edition, as well as for a social commitment to the use of data and a growing interest in data journalism, with a considerable increase in…

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