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“We must familiarize all employees with data analytics” highlighted Carla Martínez in the Big Data & AI Innovation Cycle
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Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners, highlighted how projects can be applied in People Analytics in organizations, during the Innovation Cycle organized by RRHH Digital RRHH Digital, an online media specialist in the Human Resources sector, held on February 22 the "Innovation Cycle on Big Data and AI", aimed at labor relations professionals who want to keep up with the changes on innovation and digitalization in the organizations. Speakers from different organizations contributed their point of view, they were: Carla Martínez, Director of Strategy and Organization at Synergic Partners; Miguel Angel Pascual, Digital & Comms Leader at Pernod Ricard; José Parra Moyano, Co-founder of Lionstep; Lourdes Molinero, Partner Director of Íncipy and as moderator Javier Alió,…

Big Data: future challenges
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The path to success is not something simple, it always requires a level of work and effort to achieve it. Big Data technologies, presenting a great potential both for the present and in the future, are in constant transformation and expansion. The evolution of Big data and the level of adoption of these technologies by companies (depending on their level of maturity Big Data), makes us meet with different challenges in the medium term. To avoid limitations in this regard we must study some points that may imply a challenge in the future. Shortage of Big data experts Interestingly, one of the biggest difficulties that those companies that already develop Big Data initiatives is to find professionals with enoughtraining and…

WiDS Madrid – Get your ticket and check the agenda
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Directives from Google, Telefónica Alpha, Merk, Monsanto or Inspiring Girls will join Carme Artigas, ambassador of WiDS Madrid, on March 5th at the conference that will bring together the best female talent in Spain. The 'Women in Data Science' conference (WiDS), an initiative of Stanford University, will take place on March 5th at Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, with Carme Artigas chosen as ambassador in the Spanish capital by the university. The registration of tickets is already open in this link. During the event, leading women from the business, institutional and social fields will gather to not only inspire the female talent in technical disciplines or STEM, but also to know the latest innovations and applications related to data science…

Data in traditional companies vs. digital natives
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Once the process of how to obtain value from data is understood, it is worth asking whether if the process varies if we are talking about a traditional company, for example a large telco or a bank, or if we are talking about a start-up based on the new digital economy as is the case of companies such as Uber, Cabify, Airbnb or Netflix among other. Data in a traditional company In a traditional company, especially in large companies, the heart of data processing has always been the data warehouse. In the following diagram we can see an overview of a typical data warehouse (DWH).     Absolutely all the information stored and processed in a DWH is structured information…

Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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The customization of mass production is the catalyst for change that, among other things, originates industry 4.0 Lot has passed since the steam engine changed the course of our civilization history with the mechanization of production in the First Industrial Revolution. Scientific advances at the end of the 19th century allowed the Second Industrial Revolution with the discovery of electricity that would be the basis for mass production, followed by a Third Industrial Revolution in the 20th century thanks to the power of information technology and electronics in the automation of production processes. Today, a Fourth Industrial Revolution is brewing, product of the merge of a series of exponential technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things…

The international predictive analysis challenge “WiDS Datathon” begins and is also awarded in Spain
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The competition that will test your knowledge in data analytics is live! Framed in the WiDS global event, organized by Stanford University the 5th of March in Madrid, in collaboration with its ambassador Carme Artigas The international data marathon "WiDS Datathon", the novelty of the global event 'Women in Data Science' (WiDS) in this edition has started. The challenge, which takes place from February 1st to the  28th, consists of forming teams of data scientists or experts in other related areas, who must apply their knowledge in Data Science to develop an innovative predictive model in order to reduce poverty in the world, in an environment of real data, with the highest percentage of correct answers. The winning team will…

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