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From Sensorization to Industry 4.0
  • Maria Muñoz
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  • Advanced Analytics . Analítica Avanzada . Big Data . Industria 4.0 . IoT . Sector Industrial . Sensorización . Transformación digital .

The industrial sector is currently immersed in a process of change that makes evident the need to evolve its business model towards a less traditional business model. In recent years, digital technologies have appeared that can help the industry adapt to market demands. The incorporation of these technologies in industrial processes becomes key to remain relevant within the sector. Thanks to the integration of these technologies, focused on IoT and the analysis and collection of information on the own instrumentation of the machines, the industrial sector will be enriched with the appearance of a huge amount of information not contemplated nor analyzed to date. This analysis will significantly increase the knowledge that companies have on their own processes and their environment,…

Big Data: The opportunity for Middle Market
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Carme Artigas . Cre100do . datos . Eventos . Jornada de CEOs . Middle Market . Synergic Partner . Valor de Datos .

During the CEOs Conference organized by CRE100DO, the challenges of digital transformation were analyzed. Rosa García (Siemens Spain) was invited along with Carme Artigas (Synergic Partners), who explained how the middle market can adopt  Big Data to grow and concluded with 5 keys to exploit the value of the data CRE100DO, a country-program launched by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, ICEX and the Círculo de Empresarios, celebrated the CEO's Workshop on January 24th, in which the executives of the companies that are part of the program were able to learn thanks to Carme Artigas, CEO of Synergic Partners and Rosa García, president of Siemens Spain, the keys to the digital transformation of companies. Carlos Mira, director of CRE100DO began the meeting explaining why middle…

Lawyer, you’re late for Big Data
  • Álvaro Alegría
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  • Abogacía . Abogado . Big Data . Data Science . Sector Jurídico . Transformación digital .

A law firm, it's a company. This statement, which seems obvious, is not really true as many law firms and individual lawyers are reluctant to understand their firms as companies and consequently, do not apply the business trends that are applied in the other sectors. A very clear example is the use of social networks. In this sense, we can observe that while in most sectors of activity the use of social networks is widespread, in the legal sector this is not the case and even more, there are those who still discuss the convenience, necessity or benefits of a lawyer being present in the virtual environment. In case it sounds exaggerated, here is a significant fact. A ranking of…

How is value extracted from Data?
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Aplicaciones Big Data . Big Data . Capacidades Big Data . Data Science . Data Value . datos . Infraestructura Big Data . Valor del dato .

Nowadays, it seems that wherever we look, Social Networks, press, specialized magazines, meetups, etc., everyone is talking about "how to extract value from data". The issue has already become a daily conversation of all the technical and management circles and it seems that the companies that are not addressing it in some way are falling behind. All businesses in the 21st century are immersed in data: data generated by the business, such as sales, purchases, suppliers, risks, stocks or others; data generated by customers, such as customer interactions with the company through its different channels, physical and online stores, websites, mobile Apps, call centers, among others; data generated by the competence of the company; and in recent years more "exotic"…

The students of the Columbia University of New York present the Big Data Projects supervised by Synergic Partners
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Big Data Projects . Capstone Projects . Columbia University . Data Science . Proyectos Acadmémico . Proyectos Big Data . Synergic Partners . Talento Analítico .

For the third consecutive year, Synergic Partners has supervised the Capstone Projects; the final project of the students of the Master in Data Science at the Columbia University of New York, which culminated with the presentation of the projects at the end of 2017. The initiative consists in having different expert profiles of Big Data from Synergic Partners, guide the students of the New York University during the three months that the execution of their projects lasts and until the day of the defense of the project. The great advantage of this collaboration is the link that both institutions have forged so that an academic project becomes a project of real application in the business world. In the initial phase,…

The Deep Learning Hype
  • Alfonso Ibañez
  • Algoritmos . Big Data . Computación . Data . Data Science . Data Scientists . Deep Learning . Deep Learning Hype . Fiebre Deep Learning . IA . Inteligencia Artificial . Machine Learning . Neural Networks . Redes Neuronales .

In the era of Big Data a day does not pass by without us reading some news about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning, never knowing what they refer to. The "experts" of the sector mix and exchange the terms with all naturalness, and only contribute to their hype. The simple fact of mentioning them catches the attention of investors and convinces them that these techniques have an almost magical power. Machine Learning is a scientific discipline coming from Artificial Intelligence, that studies how systems can be programmed to learn and improve with experience without human intervention. To address this problem, new paradigms emerge daily that allow the discovery of knowledge based on specific data deriving from solid statistical…

Where is the V in Big Data? Understanding what Big Data is
  • Synergic Partners
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  • Big Data . Disrupción Tecnológica . Estrategia Empresarial . Estrategias Big Data . negocio . Transformación digital . Transformación Tecnológica . Valor Big Data .

The 5V's behind Big Data The question you have been wondering for some time, which you have not dared to ask… That is what this article is about. If you still have doubts about what Big Data is and its transforming impact, this is for you. The scope Big Data will have in our lives is still uncertain, but what we can verify is an obvious fact: the economy will revolve around data, so it is time to understand what Big Data is once and for all. Big Data is the ability to process and analyze a huge amount of data at very low cost, and extract information and new patterns of behaviour that were previously impossible to extract due…

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