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The event ‘Women in Data Science’ arrives to Madrid in its 2nd Edition
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Stanford University returns to organize the conference 'Women in Data Science' (WiDS) in Madrid, through its ambassador, Carme Artigas. Stanford University organizes the 4th Edition of the conference Women in Data Science' (WiDS) with the aim of gathering, training and inspiring women in technical roles or specialization in any of the STEM areas (Statistics / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics) in Spain. The event takes place in more than 80 cities around the world such as New York, Lagos, Mexico City, Beirut or Madrid on the 5th of March, 2018. During the conference the latest innovations will be shared as well as Big Data & Data Science use cases applied to real practice and businesses. Professional women from technical disciplines…

7 strategies to face the technological disruption
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How is your company facing the digital transformation? The technological irruption within the business strategy is a fact, after the kick-off organizations have embarked on a race to adapt to the changes offered by the new digital world that affects not only the way of working but the way of doing business. However, we have seen that not all companies begin from the same starting point. Actually, we identify at least 7 strategies that companies are adopting to deal with technological disruption. Understanding these approaches and their consequences will help company leaders to create a reflective approach of their own that fosters change within their entire organization. Blocking Also known as the trench strategy, is to try to defend or…

Training Junior Profiles in Big Data | 6th Ed. Talent Program
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At Synergic Partners we support the training of analytical talent by launching the 6th edition of the `Talent Program´, the training and employment in technical professions within the Big Data & Data Science world One more year, from Synergic Partners we promote our commitment to society through the formation of technical professional profiles, incorporating ten Junior profiles in January 2018 to our staff with an indefinite contract, to train them and turn them into specialists in Big Data & Data Science. The technical profiles are the most demanded in the labor market and with the greater professional projection, reason why from Synergic we are committed to promote the analytic talent and to provide a real work experience in an environment…

Synergic Partners opens the 1st ed. of the Strata Data Conference in Singapore
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  • ACoE . Analítica de Datos . Big Data . Carme Artigas . Data Science . Intelligent Societies . IoT . O´Reilly . Singapur . Smart Cities . Sociedades Inteligentes . Strata Data . Strata Data Conference . tecnología .

Carme Artigas opened Strata Data Singapore,  where she participated in three presentations in which she talked about how technologies will move us from Smart Cities to Intelligent Societies; Data Analytics as the center of the IoT ecosystem and the importance of CoE to accelerate the processes of Big Data adoption in companies Last week, from the 4th to the 7th December, the first edition of Strata Data Conference Singapore took place, the event that brings together the best Data Scientists, analysts, executives and leading companies from around the world in its different editions, with the aim of sharing the latest trends and the most innovative solutions for companies around Big Data and Data Science. Carme Artigas, who has also participated…

Big Data in the luxury sector: The new pearl
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The luxury sector has always been one of the main drivers of innovation because of its natural conception and its innate offer of exclusive products, however, when we speak about adoption of new technologies there are other sectors leading the initiatives in digital transformation. In a changing environment in which technology is favouring the generation of new business models, changing how products and services are consumed, how the user interacts with the brand and even the impacts that affect purchase decisions, luxury must position itself to continue leading in terms of innovation as it has done so far. But not only the environment evolves, also the client of the luxury sector is changing and diversifying. The brands of the sector…

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