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Digital Employment: a Big Data Training Program for Unemployed Young People
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#EmpleoDigital is a formative initiative through which Fundacion Telefonica promotes talent in unemployed young people in the discipline of Big Data. The huge generation of data as well as its analysis has become the center of the economy, forcing companies in every sector to digitally transform their business models. Along with this change, the need for cultural and organizational change in business strategy and the acquisition of new capabilities on a corporate level has emerged. Therefore, we must bet on the analytical talent in Spain and the formation of academic profiles in disciplines complementary to our sector. In this context, the creation of training programs to teach data scientists how to manage, understand and extract conclusions from the data is…

Anticipating Customer Churn through Levers of Retention
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Identification and analysis of signs of customer churn Knowing which customers might not continue as such has been the objective of classic customer churn models, which final output consisted of the probability of loss associated with each customer over a specific temporary time range. However, once we know the customer is going to leave, we must ask ourselves: What can we do to keep them? And taking it even further: What can we do to keep the customer from even considering leaving? Preventive Measures for Customer Churn in the Banking Sector At Synergic Partners, we have carried out a project for one of the largest banking entities in Spain responding to these questions with a methodology based on the combination…

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