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Big Data, the Key to Business Value
  • Carla Martínez
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We live in a time in which digital transformation is a part of every forum on business. In these forums, an idea is spreading that the digital will allow brands to interact directly with consumers, to perceive the perception of the brand, and to understand how their products are being used. Therefore, the digital environment will allow them to better understand the consumer and will serve as an anchor for customer loyalty in both the medium term and the long term. Companies have already realized how disruptive this new context has become, and the large investments made to have a presence in digital channels can be clearly seen, whether it be in owned media (space belonging to the brand itself),…

Synergic Partners to Participate in the 8th Edition of eShow Barcelona, Together with Google, Amazon and Paypal
  • Synergic Partners
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Synergic Partners will be present March 16-17 at the 8th edition of eShow Barcelona, an international event focused on e-commerce, the Internet and business. eShow Barcelona is a meeting that brings together important online companies dealing in products, services and logistics in order to exchange key points on the trends of 2016. The digital transformation and the transformation of electronic commerce and internet businesses will be the main focus of the meeting in Barcelona. Globalization, connectivity and rapid advances in technology force companies to evolve and adapt themselves to the inertia of change while also presenting an opportunity to bring themselves up to date. Albert Solana, Big Data and Business Development Manager at Synergic Partners and a specialist in digital…

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